Republic of Capitalism

By: Ben Ellis


Capitalism is the most beneficial economy. Why do you think the United States is so succesful? You are free to make a new business, sell whatever you like, buy whatever you like, and earn a paycheck that you rightfully deserve.
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The Facts

Capitalism is an economy based on the production and sale of products. The head of this capitalist government is yours truly and you should come here because in my country you can prosper as fast as Micheal Phelps swims! The people are paid based on the earnings the company has gained (with a minimum limit of course). The "primary" workers who gather things straight from the ground and sell them to the "secondary" workers who will make a product with those items and then sell them to stores where they are sold to costumers.
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Benefits Of Capitalism Over Communism in America: Laissez-Faire Capitalist Values Lecture (1955)


The lack of government intervention in the production and distribution of products makes it more likely that illegal products will be dispersed throughout the population and harder to locate but with our advanced police force we will be able to sniff out some of these illegal doings and put an end to it.

Though we may seem greedy it is the big companies that pay a lot of taxes that allow for children's education to flourish by building school buildings, good roads to be built, veterans benefits, medicare, social security, and unemployment and labor.

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YOU should move to the Republic of Capitalism! Be able to start your own business, sell what you like, and get rich fast!