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For Teachers! 11/11/13

Custom Google Search for Lesson Plans

Custom Search allows you to use the searching power of google, with your choice of where it searches. Basically I loaded the google custom search with sites that I know to be valuable for lesson plans and learning ideas. This custom search will appear at the top of the Lesson Plan Page in the Teacher section of the library website and its direct link appears below. PLEASE let me know if there are sites you would like to add!!

Lesson Plan Custom Search

6 Steps to Web Search I created this for students and teachers. I hope it helps!

Google Template Screencast Tutorial

Google Template Screencast Tutorial

Some of you have asked how to create a google template, so I created a quick tutorial. (Can't believe I'm sharing because it's pretty laughable, typos and all, but you all know me!)

Upcoming EdWeb Webinars

All free and archived.
On this page Reading Skills (Teaching Point of View & Arguments and Claims).
On this page Text Complexity & Text Types

That's it For Now!

I hope conferences go well!