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August 18, 2018

Woo hoo! & Thank you!

Thanks for a fantastic start to the 2018-19 school year! I was so proud of everyone at team-building. Thank you for participating in every way that you could during team-building and for coming back to school fresh and with positive attitudes.

Thank you for attending the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and for greeting families at the Pool Party on Thursday. I know that made for a long day, even if we had a little break beforehand. Thank you for coming to socialize at the staff party on Friday. In hindsight, these two evening engagements should not have been scheduled back to back. I appreciate those who powered through both nights and understand those who could not make it Friday.

Thanks for your patience as we got all students registered in Aspire this week and officially into your classes. It was a team effort and we will be even better/faster at it next year.

Please refrain from telling parents that their students could switch into your classes. I know that we love all of our students and want to create win-wins; and, it puts everyone in an awkward situation if/when this is not possible.

We have several new staff faces that joined us after Tuesday introductions and a few more joining us this week. Please introduce yourselves.

I wish you all your best first day of school yet!

Professional Learning Weeks Schedule

Click this button to access the schedule for the first weeks of school.

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Staffing Updates

This week, please welcome Esperanza, who will join special education.

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Construction Update

It does not look like the playground will be ready to play on by Tuesday when students arrive. Please keep students out of the pit and on the large grass fields.

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Sneak a Peek

You already know to expect families on the half hour beginning at 1:30pm on Monday. Please encourage families to stop by the library to chat with Lana and René.

Click for 2018-19 Required Annual Training

Please have this completed by August 17th, 2018.

Annual Required Trainings

Please complete this online training, even if you had to sign the special paper on Friday.

Please contact René if you have questions. Thanks!

Back to School Documents

I realize that everyone is busy; and, we also need to complete required paperwork. As of Saturday at 9:16pm, only 6 of the approximate 75 staff members have completed the employee information form. This is important if you are ever involved in an emergency situation and we have to give information to paramedics or contact your next of kin.

Please have the following by the end of Monday:

  • Teachers and Assistants - Employee Information Form completed online
  • Teachers - Signed Collective Commitments document in my mailbox
  • Teachers - Classroom Pet form, if applicable
Employee Information Form

Click here to complete this form digitally. Due no later than Friday, August 17, 2018.

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Emergency Procedures

Please review and be comfortable with the updated emergency procedures document below. We are required to have drills one per month. Like last year, you will be informed of the day and type of drill; but, will not know the time. This is to make our practice drills more realistic. If you have students who are sensitive to noise or a sudden change of plans, please contact the front office.

If you have questions, please see Lana or René.

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Individualized Health Plans (IHPs)

If you have a student you did not have last year and the student has an IHP on file, you have a copy of that IHP sitting in your mailbox in the workroom. If you had a student last year who had an IHP and they are in your class again, I emailed you this information. If you need a copy of their IHP or have questions about anything IHP, please contact René.

I have contacted all of our students' families who have IHPs to schedule an appointment to update their plans. You may get invited to these meetings; so, please attend if you can. It makes the parents feel much more secure when the can explain health issues to their teacher.

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Track it Forward

If you are new, please sign up for Track it Forward. All teachers are required to utilize this resource, provided by MAPA, our parent organization. It is a way to advertise your events and how you will engage parents in volunteering in your classroom. When you sign up, you will have to be approved and then you'll have to be switched from parent/volunteer access to organizer. This allows you to create events on the page.

**When you create an event, please tag it with your name.** This allows parents to filter the millions of events on the calendar to only see their child(ren)'s teacher(s).

If you have technical difficulties, don't see a tag with your name, or have not been approved and/or designated as an organizer, please email MAPA as soon as possible as parents expect to find your events here.

Field Trips

Field trips are an integral piece of our program; and, field trips need to be well planned to provide a good experience for all parties involved. Please follow these guidelines when planning a field trip. The forms referenced below are on the teachers' drive in the "Teacher Forms" folder in the "Field Trip Master Forms" folder.

  • Field trip request form: Must be turned in at a minimum of 4 weeks before the field trip. These will be checked by the office first to make sure we have all the necessary information and signed off.
  • Field trip permission slips created: Please double check that all dates, times, and location names are accurate. A copy of your permission slip should be turned in with your field trip request form.
  • Field trip permission slips sent home: Permission slips should be sent home 2 weeks prior to the field trip date. (You can make a digital copy to link to your blog for parents to print off at home as well. However, remember that you would have to attach a new link for each new field trip’s permission slip with new and accurate information.)
  • Permission slips collected and turned in to the office: All permission slips must be turned in to the Office 48 hours prior to the trip. No late permission slips will be accepted. No exceptions. Please put all the slips in a manila envelope with a class roster of all the students attending attached to the front and marked with a check to show if their permission slip has been turned.
  • Back-up plan for students not attending: Please fill out the Plan for Students Not Attending form and have it signed by the teacher you intend to have your kids with while not attending the field trip. This must be turned in by the morning of the field trip.
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Lateness / Leaving Early

If you leave the building at any time from 8am until 4pm, you must sign out in the office. This is for safety purposes. If you come in late, after your scheduled time, please sign in at the office as well.
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