Angry Birds Project

By:Sree Gadde

Blue Bird

AOS: 22

Vertex: 16,22

Maximum: 22

Distance Travled: 20

Roots: 6 and 26

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Black Bird

AOS: 8

Vertex: 8, 25

Maximum: 8

Distance Travled: 10

Roots: 3 and 13

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Red Bird

AOS: 12

Vertex: 12,15

Maximum: 12

Distance Travled: 24

Roots: 0 and 24

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Yellow Bird

The completed chart is below
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Question Answers

The bird that hit the king pig is yellow bird.

The bird that hit the Moustache pig is blue bird.

The height that my bird flew was 22ft.

my bird flew a distance of 20ft far.

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Black Bird: Red line

Blue Bird:Purple line

Red Bird:Blue line with points shown

Yellow Bird: Black Dots blue line

Group Graph

These are the group graphs and the bottom one is the points of the pigs and and what bird hits what bird.
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