Nelson Mandela

Taylor Wilson

Early Years

Mandela grew up a very privileged child. His father was the chief counsellor to King of the Thembu, which was a part of the Xhosa. Mandela went on to study at the Africans-only University of Fort Hare. He was later introduced to a firm of attorneys by Walter Sisulu. In 1950, he was appointed president of the Youth League. In 1952, Mandela along with Oliver Tambo opened up the first black law firm in South Africa. He also drafted the 'M Plan' in 1953. The 'M Plan' was a set of actions that would need to be taken if the movement was banned and put in hibernation by the government. He was seen as a dominant figure in the liberation movement.
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Why Do We Care?

Nelson Mandela helped further the anti-apartheid struggle in many aspects. His notable ideal to refrain from using violence won him a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. He revived the party through his activism in the Youth League and was a leading figure in the Defiance Campaign. He was able to find a way to include South Africans of all races in the struggle facing apartheid. He was an inspiration to many people through his courage and perseverance.
Nelson Mandela, 1964: 'I am prepared to die' - audio recording of speech at sabotage trial