Help Wanted in Pre-K

May Crowning Mass

May Crowning Mass

Tomorrow, Friday May 6th is the Crowning of Mary and celebration. Typically we have 8th grade buddies to take us to Mass; however, tomorrow they are part of the celebration and cannot buddy up. This means Mrs. Fiala needs help taking our Pre-K students to Mass, the May Pole Dancing and celebration. This will take up almost ALL of our classroom time and we will be over at the Parish along with the school.

Can you stay tomorrow and help Mrs. Fiala? Parents, siblings, and Grandparents welcome! This is a beautiful day that we celebrate! We will have just enough time in the morning for our typical morning work. At 8:35 we depart for the restrooms then off to the Parish for Mass. We should finish up around 10:30-10:45 then you are either free to head home with your child or come back to the classroom with me. THANK YOU!!!!

Thank You Mom's!!!

What a lovely time was had!

Thank you Mom's for joining us yesterday! We all had a blast and as Josh said this morning "Yesterday's party was AWESOME!" and then Jake says "Let's do it again!". So much fun! Thank you for taking time out of your day to come and spend it with Pre-K!