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Week of September 14, 2015

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Our Mission:

"We provide students with the abilities and skills to cultivate independence, build character and empower them to reach their highest potential.”

Jermaine Kamau, Principal

Mark Castellane, Supervisor of Education
Editor, Miss Debbie O'Brien, "Carpe Diem!"

This week's Teaching Tool

Teaching the ADD / ADHD Student

ABC Assembly!

Last Friday marked the commencement of our new ABC Positive Behavior Supports Program. Lumberton held a Pep Rally to energize the students and staff as we begin our mission to cultivate independence, build character and empower students to reach their highest potential! Game on! Thanks to all who made this possible including Mark, Kelly, Kris, Chris, CJ, Monique, Lexi, Deb and Maria.
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Special thanks to Steve Gordon, Blake Cadmus and the students who put their efforts into fixing the sign at Ark road. This type of pride is consistent with our mission. Again, I thank you all.


Quote of the Week

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest." Mark Twain

Information Station!

Stay tuned for things you need to know to plan your days.

1. TONIGHT IS BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT! Don't forget to contact guardians!

2. Check the posting below for Bulletin Board assignments and due dates.

3. Stop by Miss O'Brien's room for Google Doc Training with Mr. Kamau every Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm. Learn Google Docs and Earn Professional Development hours!

4. Smitty's Café is open! See below for the menu!

5.Harvest Fest meeting for all those who wish to participate will be held on September 22 in Miss O'Brien's room at 2pm.

6. CTE TEACHERS ONLY- REMINDER: We administer our SGO's this WEDNESDAY (SEPT. 16)! For further details, see "Tech Tips with Miss O'Brien".

7. NJ Safe Schools Training is back. See below for information on due dates, and accessing your account.

8. The BIGGEST LOSER has begun! See below (under Health Watch) for details.


This year we will continue the mandatory professional development trainings through the online portal called NJ Safe Schools.

The link to access the online portal is as follows:

The username for each staff member is their district email address.

The expectation is that these trainings will be completed by each staff member prior to October 31, 2015. Mid-year hires are expected to complete the mandatory trainings within 60 days of their start date.

At the conclusion of each course, there will be a short multiple choice quiz. After successfully completing the quiz with a score of 80% or greater, the staff member will be able to print out a certificate of completion, which they can print and upload into the Genesis Employee Portal.

Tech Tips with Miss O'Brien: This Week: CTE SGO's

CTE Teachers are administering our SGO's on September 16th (this Wednesday). Our schedule has been modified both to avoid conflicting with other subject area SGO's, as well as to cut down on student attrition during the process. Therefore, the CTE teacher SGO calendar is as follows:

Pre-Test Assessment: September 16

Mid-Test Assessment: October 14th

Post-Test Assessment: November 13th

Don't forget to upload your information to Genesis, and type in your information under the SGO sections (it is already open for this year, and working well- I checked!)

Also note: for students who, for whatever reason, are not present for your November 13th post-test, you may use the mid-test assessment scores. This shorter forum is to our benefit, as students frequently switch their shops during the year. This way, you will still have students from your original sample to assess.

If anyone has questions or concerns, I will be happy to assist!



Ms. Jeitner will be conducting STAR testing for students this year. Please email her when a new student is placed in your class. Thank you!

SLE Update!

Ms. Mangus would like everyone to know that students who are currently employed and wish to be added to our SLE program should contact her right away!

The follow students were very successful in gaining employment over the summer. Ms. Mangus will be working with their parents, employers and send districts in an effort to move them on to the SLE program.

Nasziere Day

Maniah Cauthen

Carlie Porter

Ann Hernandez

Spanish Factoid of the Week with Ms. Sanders

Spanish Factoid of the Week!

This week kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month! Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

The observation started in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson and was expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30-day period starting on September 15 and ending on October 15. It was enacted into law on August 17, 1988, on the approval of Public Law 100-402.

The day of September 15 is significant because it is the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence days on September 16 and September 18, respectively.

There are many opportunities that each of us have to acknowledge the contributions of the over 54 million Hispanic people in our country. I challenge each of you to identify those who contributed to your field of study and share it with out our students!!

Laugh of the Week

The following is a hilariously wrong history answer on a REAL, anonymous, college student's test. It is taken from the NY Times bestselling book, "Non Campus Mentis", compiled and edited by Professor Anders Henriksson.

"Rasputin was a pheasant by birth and it showed in his looks."

Culinary Arts Corner

Smitty's Café will open TOMORROW (September 15)!

Soups – cream of baked potato

Chicken noodle

Salad – chicken Caesar salad

Tuesday- chicken Caesar wrap with chips and a pickle

Wednesday – lasagna roll ups with garlic bread, beef or vegetarian

Thursday - grilled chicken panini with homemade potato salad and a pickle

Friday – tuna hoagie with chips and a pickle

Dessert of the week – black forest cake

Assorted cookies

Upcoming September Birthdays!

Antonio Cuevas: Sept 16

Dahquan Lightfoot: Sept 17

Tatiana Colon: Sept 22

Jerry Ajiboye: Sept 29

Jacob Bastie Tingle Sept 29

Jeremy Blumenfeld: Sept 16

Michael Davis: Sept 19

Cynthia Sofka: Sept 29

Bulletin Board Assignments 2015-2016


CORE LOBBY (Current Events)

Supervised by: Ms. Jeitner

Volunteers from the Senior Class






GYM ENTRANCE (Across from Restrooms)

Sept-Oct: Glover & Ruff

Nov-Dec: Newton & Martin

Nov-Dec: Snow & Austin

Jan-Feb: Moreland & Moses

March-April: Bonne-Annee & Charry

May-June: Cadmus & Blumenfield


Sept-Oct: Verlander

Nov-Dec: Lowenthal

Jan-Feb: Davis

March-April: Herron

May-June: Robinson

Attendance - Books - Conduct

Our foci are Rigor - Relevance - Relationships

Health Watch with Nurse Rowe

September 2015

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to promote good health for you, your students and your own families. I am available to check your blood pressure on a regular basis. I can assist you in providing supplemental material for your class health lesson plans. I can provide you with many reliable websites to look up health and medical information.

My lunch period is 12:25-1:00. I am grateful for your past attempts to hold all non-emergency visits during this time period. If you are in doubt about a child’s condition I am available by radio.

Staff should be vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Please see the nurse if you have not been immunized and are considering receiving the series.

Please fill out, print and return the employee health record below. This information is optional. It will be kept in my confidential health file. In cases where you become unconscious, or unable to speak, you may benefit from the time saved if the nurse has fast access to this up-to-date medical information.

Best wishes for a healthy school year! You provide a necessary service to needy adolescents- TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! By being positive role models- you teach our students the importance of wellness daily through your actions, not just your words.


Roseanne Rowe RN

The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser #1 will begin Wednesday September 16th and run through November 25th. Cost is $10. to join. Each week, if you lose or stay the same you don’t pay, if you gain you pay $2. Come join us on our quest for wellness.

Summative Assessments

Summative assessment, or assessment of learning, can take many forms. Here are some possible types of summative assessment that can be used in the language classroom:

  • Performance Task: students are asked to complete a task that will test a specific set of skills and/or abilities and determine what the students knows and are capable of doing. A rubric, checklist, or other form of scoring guide should accompany this type of assessment.

  • Written Product: students are asked to write an original selection. There are many written forms that teachers can use to get students to write. In addition, students may be asked to write about a previous activity such as a field trip or guest speaker. Students may also be asked to create a piece of persuasive writing or a reflection about their learning experience. A rubric, checklist, or other form of scoring guide should accompany this type of assessment.

  • Oral Product: students are asked to prepare an oral piece of work; this can take the shape of any of the oral forms outlined in the Proving It stage of B-SLIM. A rubric, checklist, or other form of scoring guide should accompany this type of assessment.

  • Test: the students are asked to write a test at the end of a section, chapter, unit, theme, etc. to demonstrate what they know.

  • Standardized Test: students are asked to write a test that is standardized in terms of content of the test and conditions under which the test is written. In Canada, there are provincial standardized tests administered at many grade levels, such as Grade 3, 6, 9, 12.

Principal's Message from Mr. Kamau

Welcome back staff and students. It is time so grind and shine! No pressure, no diamond. We are ready to make this school year great and have dedicated the time and energy toward a successful year for all students. This year we will focus on Rigor, Relevance & Relationships as part of our vision: Opening minds; changing lives. Our summer planning team and teaching staff has put together a wonderful and inspirational Behavior Modification Plan using PBIS styled incentives and we are ready to achieve our mission to provide students with the abilities and skills to cultivate independence, build character and empower them to reach their highest potential. I'll see all of you around campus.

Principal Kamau

The links below will connect you to our School Calendar and Assessment info.