INSπRE: Maths in English

An e-Twinning project

April 19th 2016: The first online meeting between the classes involved!

Einaudi High School, Foggia, Italy and Necmi Asfuroglu Anadolu Lisesi, Hatay, Turkey meet together for the 1st time via Skype, to share their love for education and culture.
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Students are the real protagonists of the event!

Students participate with great enthusiasm and joy, telling poems, singing songs and presenting original videos about themselves, their own town and school!

What is this e-Twinning project about?

The main goal of this project is to increase students' motivation and interest for Maths, to stimulate their investigative spirit and curiosity by combining common mathematical contents with aspects of our life.
Students are expected to:
  • interact with new partners
  • gain knowledge about each other's cultures, towns and landscapes
  • improving English and technology skills
  • focus on the role of Maths and ITC in their lives
  • share opinions and change attitudes.
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