Eagle Eye E-News October 12-16

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

What's Coming Up This Week?

  • OEC Professional Development Day-Agenda for teachers at Ebinport is in Canvas. Please bring the following to this meeting: charged laptop, the SLO template you have been working on, student F and P levels from Spring 2015 (can be electronic) and access to a class roster (doesn't have to be formal or official, just to help you remember all the students in your classroom)
  • 5:15 Henry Clarke will represent Ebinport at the Board Meeting for the "Call to Order"

  • 3:00 Leadership Team Meeting
  • Vision and Hearing Screenings Begin
  • 4th and 5th Grade Science Benchmark Testing Window Opens


  • School Picture Day-This is a date change. Please communicate this with parents.
  • All grades are to be entered for 1st 9 weeks.
  • Grade level meetings- SLO Focus
  • Induction Teachers Attend Running Record Training

    • Rhonda off campus at Principal Meeting
    • Vision and Hearing Screenings Cont.
    • 3:00 R2S Foundations Class


            • Fun Run Collection
            • End of Grading Period
            • GBE should be finalized today (this effects Speech, Media, Guidance, and Reading Coach...all others done through SLO)
            • GBE Video Deadline
            • SCEA at Ebinport to provide teachers with information

            United Way

            The district has officially kicked off its annual United Way campaign to collect pledges and donations to help our community and many of our own students and their families. The United Way supports 30 agencies including Back the Pack, Holiday Partners’ Christmas toy distribution, Pilgrims’ Inn, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts, 211 crisis hotline, and the prescription medicine card for families. Thank you for giving over $36,000 last year, and with your generosity, we will make our goal of $40,000 this year to support the needs of the local community. Forms are being distributed in schools and departments this week and are due back to your site by Oct. 9.

            Thank you for supporting the United Way!

            Your pledge forms will be in your box. Please return these to Kim Brown by October 9!

            Run-A-Thon Collection

            Please help by gettings kids pumped for the first Run A Thon collection on Friday! PTO will be passing out the bags in boxes Thursday. If you will, put them on your door handle on Friday morning with all folders, PTO will collect them.

            Grading and Reporting

            Lori and Christi attended the AP meeting yesterday. They learned many new things, however, they wanted to me to quickly share with you that the district told them that students who are below grade level in reading should not receive an A on their report card in reading.

            These two ladies may be able to provide you more information, but we wanted to pass this along to you as quickly as possible.

            Science Benchmark Tests

            Benchmark Testing UPDATE:

            Benchmark Tests will only use the iPad this round to show the questions for grades 3, 4 & 5. Answers will be recorded on ScanTron sheets. Benchmarks will NOT be done through a Canvas Quiz this round. They are still working to establish acceptable protocols and instructions for using Canvas to administer the benchmarks.

            Benchmark Testing Dates

            Grade 5: Oct 19-23 (in Canvas)

            Grade 4: Oct 19-23 (in Canvas)

            Grade 3: Nov 16-20 (in Canvas)

            Grade 2: Oct 19-23 (paper)

            Grade 1: Oct 19-23 (paper)

            Grade K: Oct 19-23 (paper)

            Student Leadership Committee Notes

            Members: Hillary Bland Marco Vaughan Lisa Rutledge Stacy Bailey Sonia Garces Kristi McGuirt Hannah Lunny Mandy Riley

            Ms. Chen

            How Do We Work?

            - Begin and end on time

            - Be present

            - Be honest

            - Be respectful

            Celebrations -Hillary Brand- “I got married! -Ms. Chen- Thankful for smooth start. “I feel so good!” She appreciates on other teacher’s helping to place students and work successfully. She says students are coming to her after school speaking Mandarin. She says, “Ebinport students have a gift for language!”


            -Student Council: (Hannah Lunny)

            Student Council Elections will be held this week and ballots will be counted. -Suggested having a canned food drive in November. Would like to know if a

            grade level competition for donations would be possible. Suggested a popcorn party and movie for grade level with most donations.

            -Lisa Rutledge will let us use Media center for food collection storage.

            Junior Beta Club (Mandy Riley)

            Mrs. Riley has collected a list of student grades at the District Level. Based on grades alone, 95 students that qualified. -Suggested creating criteria form a workable number. -Committee agreed behavior needs to be a factor to consider as well as grades.

            Mrs. Riley will send out Beta Club invitations once report cards go out. They will be sent home with report cards. She will collect that information from teachers as to criteria to be sure they are good candidates.

            -Committee discussed costs of students to participate ($15 per students) and what comes with membership. -Committee would like for eligible students who cannot pay to have help with the expense. Suggestions included donations from Williams and Fudge and possible extra ice cream money. Committee plans to speak with Mrs. Kelsey about other options.

            Lisa Rutledge mentioned a.

            Full Moon Celebration:

            Ms. Chen wants to have a Full Moon Celebration to commemorate a special day of Chinese culture. She is writing a proposal of ideas and activities that she plans to share with Mrs. Kelsey. She asked if our teachers could help by manning stations once the planning begins. This would be an after school celebration. She would like to have several stations such as tai chi boxing, calligraphy, food- dumplings, fried rice, and dancing.

            Student Ambassadors Mrs. Rutledge will begin the Student Ambassador program once student council begins.

            Eagle Eyes:

            -Going well, kids are enjoying working with students. Seems to be running smoothly. All involved are growing as readers.

            New Business:

            Mrs. McGuirt mentioned helping flood victims in Columbia. Lots of suggestions were given and the committee will talk with Mrs. Kelsey as to the direction we should take as a school.

            Discipline Task Force

            Discipline Committee: 10/7/15

            -How we work



            -How do we recognize students who are well behaved awards?

            -Character Spotlight Wall: each teacher will choose a student who is showing the HERO trait of the week to be displayed in the hallway -No write up! (picture can be color or black and white)

            -ask PTO to print pictures

            -Beard will ask Mr. Brown to do this

            -B.U.G. Club: bringing up grades; an ice cream party for students who improved grades or maintained grades

            -take turns swapping out board: Beard will do the initial board

            -Grade level incentives: come up with what works for your grade level

            -mentoring program: Church 180, 5th grade (we're on to something!)

            -Discuss no more music in cafeteria, school wide signal: turn lights out

            Beautification Committee

            Discussed questions and responses from Mrs. Kelsey:

            What type of tracking system for tracking cleanliness? Litter on the playgrounds. We need to ask 3rd graders and 4th graders to be more diligent with students not taking snacks out.

            Does the PTO offer funds to keep up with pots in the front of the school? Not at this moment but we can ask Mrs. Sebastian or write a scholarship. We thought she already does enough with the garden. We could plant annuals. Susan will call Wilsons to tell us what we could plant year round. What can we plant in the winter? We will donate money and buy the plants as a group. Four large black pots and two small pots. We want to plant by end of this week. Mrs. Parrish will contact fourth grade to see if they want to lead the litter program. The York County Collection and Recycling has given Ebinport money in an account from recycling. We want to find out if the funds are still available to buy gloves, plants and other materials

            What procedures are already in place for picking up litter? We don’t have any. Can’t be used as a punishment and need to use proper equipment (gloves).

            Front driveway…Mr. Jean is in charge of the blower that he can use. We need to report anything that is out of place in the front drive.

            Are the fences and groundwork being taken care of? We have a new lawn company and they are supposed to take care of this.

            Who do we report lack of cleanliness to?

            Who is responsible for cleaning cob webs?

            Orange ring in faculty bathroom by specials?

            Pledge cards distribution and collections date : (Every students, faculty and staff members will be asked to sign cards)

            680 cards should be picked up at Mrs Parrish Room on November 16th -( If we have money in the account we could possibly make labels but to save money fifth graders and write in some information on the pledge cards).

            Prizes will be awarded to students and staff in a random drawing once all cards are collected.

            Subcommittee for “lost and found” found out that one of the racks of clothes are marked for donation. They are already marked and ready to be bagged and donated. Lost and Found subcommittee should handle the donations by next meeting. We also need to set a date to spread out the stuff in lost and found and bring classes in.

            Safety Committee Meeting

            Reflect on drill-

            Lockdown drill- How much instruction should be given during the drill and how realistic should we be? Door cards are always on green. Red means there is a medical emergency. Staff might need clarification.

            Fire Drill during Challenger last week.

            Safety Issues with Dismissal? Doors in general. Garden door is still open after dismissal. Special Area duty teacher is on charge of closing doors.

            Immediate Action- Closing Doors, Red/Green Cards

            Committee moved Peanut Free table in the cafeteria. Half of the table was pushed against the half wall of the stage. and the other half stored. We will see if this works or if we need to move the table to the stage.

            Drills during Specials- Some system needs to be in place for number count. Laminated class roster should be taken to each special area class with a dry erase pen. Requesting from office- hard, laminated class rosters. similar to thickness of red/green cards. Teachers take boards to each special area with a vis a vis

            Nails- Still a problem

            Gate by trashcans- ?

            Locked in Food Pantry- Did it get fixed? Light is wired to Lisa Clark's room. Do we need a separate switch? Work order to be put in.

            Sunshine Committee

            * Amounts: $871.01

            * Tailgate: THIS Friday 10/11/15

            o Set Up: Simmons, Avilez, Bruce

            o Clean Up: Templeton, Kiker, Allison

            * October Birthdays à Avilez is handling

            * Please keep Melanie’s sister, Melissa Allen, in your prayers as she is fighting pneumonia in Charleston

            * Bosses Day – October 16

            o Sunshine committee will provide a lunch for administrators on the 16th as their gift for Bosses Day

            * Emma will contact 4th grade team regarding Simmons’ shower date (does not conflict with Tuesday meeting schedule)

            * Emma will send a reminder e-mail to faculty regarding the items to bring to the Tailgater on Friday

            What's Coming Up?

            Upcoming Events:

            • October 19- 8:50-9:50 5th Grade "Related Arts Enrichment"
            • October 19: Liz Bridges will be in the building to conduct ELA walkthroughs
            • October 19-22 Bob Doster (A Local Artist) in Residence with Fifth Graders (More information to come)
            • October 20- Ward 2 Elections at Ebinport (Media Center Closed)
            • October 20- SIC Meeting
            • October 21-23 CoGat Testing in 2nd Grade
            • October 21 Third Grade to Brattonsville
            • October 21- PTO Provides Lunch for Teachers
            • October 22- Hillary Brand Wedding Shower
            • October 26- Ward Services at Ebinport
            • October 26-Report Cards go home
            • October 29- Next Terrific Kid Write Up Due
            • October 29- R2S Foundations Class
            • October 30- Run-a-Thon
            • November 3- Library Closed for Elections
            • November 6- Terrific Kid Ceremony
            • November 10- Pasties with the Principal
            • November 11- Veteran's Day Program
            • November 12- Kate's Skate Night
            • November 13- F and P Window Opens