Maximize your Earnings!

Hostess Coaching Tips!

The $1000 SHOW!

Let's Make the Most $$$ We can At Each Trunk Show!

Our TRUNK SHOW PIPELINE IS BURSTING!! And It is super important for YOU to take control of the invite system. We have the MINDSET to be the expert, so let's use it!

It's easy for us to just rely on Facebook or text or let the hostess send her own invites, but from my experience, this will most likely result in a cancelled show or a very low turnout!

Our GOAL for each show is to invite 40! By doing this, 10 or more will attend, 2-3 will place outside orders and you will have $1000 in sales! No magic, just numbers!!!!!!

After you book the show....

1. Immediately send the HOSTESS CONFIRMATION EMAIL! You can find this in the lounge under Trunk shows! This will give the hostess access to her invites, reminders and where she can use her hostess rewards.

2. SEND the SAVE THE DATE email! I do this with every hostess. I send her this email with instructions on how to forward it on and also including me in on it! I then will take care of the invites for her show by using those emails and popping them into our INVITE SYSTEM! Super easy ! When I do this, my shows are way more successful! (The save the date is in under files on our Heart of Gold Team fb page - message me if need it)

Next-- hostess kits! Give your hostess the right tools to make the most of this show!

Watch this video on how Director, Gina Bogda prepares her kit!!! I include the following in a Stella & Dot folder:

3 look books
3 order forms with a note that reads a fun challenge "Collect 3 outside orders and get a pair of studs for free from me!"
1 hostess planner
1 Opportunity booklet- always!!
Cute S&D Stickers to mark their favorites
A hostess letter
Monthly Specials (if they are available to include)
Printed invitation (either paper or 4x6 photo of SD invite works too)

4. Step 4 make sure to Track the RSVP's. Go to the lounge to see who has not responded and communicate that with your hostess. Have her give them a call! See who the maybes are and yes and send them a cute email the day of saying the "Wine is Chillin and the Jewels are Hot" this is a great follow up to the standard 2 day reminder that goes out.

5. LASTLY build EXCITEMENT!! It is SUPER important to call a few days before the show and tell her how excited you are to show her the line and have her try everything on!! This excitement will overflow to the people she sees in the next few days before the show and build attendance!

Feel more prepared to hostess coach?? Yes, YES!! Let's all get $1000 shows!!