Football, tennis and pole vault.

Football Burgum

Football is created in China. It was founded in 2005/2006 in Burgum. The cooperation between soccer association VV Bergum and BCV. BBC means Bergum BVC combination. There football boys and girls at different ages.
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Tennis Burgum

The club is called De Leechkamp. It was founded in 1975. You must be a member to play tennis there. Small children do not pay contribution.
Best Tennis Bloopers

Pole vault

The club called Ljeppersklup. From 1969 are there in pole vault games of the Frysk Boun Ljeppers Burgum. The first years they jumped on the Easterse Hei. In 1973 the fixed place to pole vault built behind the Town Hall.

Made by Ilse, Corina and Romana.