3rd Grade Rocks!

March 23rd-27th

SAT Week!

SAT week is March 23-26. Students will be testing each morning promptly at 8:00am. Please be sure students arrive at school on time. Any student arriving after 8:00am will not be allowed in the classroom. They will have to make up the test sections at a later time.

Tips for testing:

*Eat a good breakfast each day. The daily recess/snack break will be later than the usual 9:40am (some days up to an hour later). Students will be hungry if they don't eat breakfast and that can be distracting while testing!

*Get a good night's sleep!

*Have a book ready! If students finish sections of the test before the time is up, they will be allowed to read a book (that is all they are allowed to do). They may bring a book from home if they wish.

Afternoon Activities:

Testing and enrichment classes will take up most of the time before lunch each day. In the afternoons, students will be working on several activities:

*a writing/art activity where they design their own dream house

*several hands-on math/art activities working with division and fractions


Field day is Friday, March 27th. Additional information will be coming.