Green Career: Marine Biologist

By: Kendra Meyers

Job Description/Duties

To be a marine biologist you need to study animals in their natural habit, care for the animals in aquariums, experiment on the animals, teach people, such as schools and government officials, about the marine life and use technology to predict future events in the marine environment.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job:

Marine Biologists work with global warming and environmental issues such as carbon dioxide displacements. Also marine biologists save the marine animals from their natural habits.

Education necessary to do the job successfully:

Marine biologists should have at least a bachelor's degree in a biological or marine science. Also, most need a Ph.D. degree in biology to work for the research or development positions. You don't need an education to be a marine biologist for some positions.

Why does this career interest you

This career interests me because I love animals and I love to be outside. Also, I would be able to travel the world to warm climate places.

Any interesting facts you found:

71% of the world's surface is water, but only 10% has been discovered and explored.


The disadvantages of being a marine biologist is risks from some of the most dangerous animals such as sharks and jellyfish. Also, severe weather like hurricanes and high tides.


The advantages of being a marine biologist is getting to be in the water and outside all day. Also, getting to work with different animal species everyday. You get a ton of money every year and you get to travel around the world.

Salary Range Total Pay

  • 27,644 - $109,785 per year

Videos for more information: