Mulan, Belle, and Marlin

(Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo)

How are they all different or unique?

All of these characters are different because they all have different backgrounds, and different situations. Mulan lives in a time when all girls were supposed to wear girly clothing and have their hair just right, but she didn't want to be like that. Belle has a father who is always inventing things, and the people in the town don't like him. Then her father gets captured by the beast and she has to save him. Marlin had a normal life until it was time for nemo to go to school, where he was taken by humans that were catching fish for an aquarium. Then Marlin has to go on a long journey to save his son.

Qualities, and Characteristics of the Heros


  • Compassionate
  • Loving
  • Strong
  • Smart
  • Strong-willed
  • Brave
Mulan is very compassionate because she cares about her father and what he is being forced to do hurts her. She doesn't want to see him get killed in war because he is too old. She goes in his place and no one can tell her different. This makes her very strong willed, and brave. She is very smart when she tries to keep her identity hidden, and she is very strong physically and mentally.


  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Selfless
  • Intelligent
  • Care-Free
  • Loves people for who they are on the inside
  • Beautiful on the inside and out

Belle is very loving and caring, when her father is put in a dungeon by the beast she begs the beast to take her instead. She puts her life on the line because she loves her father, this shows that she is very self-less. When Gaston wants to be with her she says no, because she knows that its whats on the inside that counts and Gaston was very arrogant. She likes to read a lot, and this shows that she is very intelligent. I also think that she is a little care free because she doesn't care what the people in the town think about her all she knows is that she loves her father and the beast.


  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Brave
  • Goes outside his comfort zone for the sake of others
  • Friendly
  • doesn't care if he could get hurt, he wants to save his son
  • He is very concerned

Marlin is very brave when he decides that he is going to go out and look for his son. He is very scared because he hardly swims very far from his home, because it is dangerous and makes him very uncomfortable. He decides that he will do whatever it takes to find his son because he cares about him and loves him. He also makes a friend on the way which shows that he can be very friendly.

The Strongest Hero is Mulan

I think that Mulan is the strongest character because she sacrifices her life for her dad. She goes and fights for him even though she isn't supposed to because she doesn't want him to get killed. She has to lie about who she is, keep it a secret, leave her family for a long time, and not get killed in battle all because she wants to protect her father. Another reason is because she doesn't want to be like all of the other girls, she just wants to be herself. She isn't like all of the other girls where she lives. They all wear fancy clothes and have their hair perfect, but Mulan just wants to be herself.

What they all have in common

All of these heros have one thing in common that sticks out the most. That is that they all have sacrificed themselves willingly for family. They did whatever they could to protect their family even if it put themselves in danger. They were all very selfless, and compassionate. Each of there storys spread the message that family is important.

  • Mulan went to war so her father didn't have to
  • Belle went in the dungeon so her father wouldn't have to
  • Marlin sacrificed his life to go and save his son

Connection to Odysseus

1. Odysseus just got done fighting in a battle and no one knew who he was when he finally got back twenty years later. Mulan also fought in a battle, but no one knew who she really was because it was supposed to be her father, not her fighting.

2. Odysseus had to take a very long journey to get back home, and had a lot of obstacles on the way. When Marlin went to find his son he had a lot of challenges, and obstacles too that he had to try and survive. Some of those trials were going through the field of jelly fish, being inside of a whale, encountering a shark, and a squadron of pelicans wanting to eat him.

3. Odysseus had to encounter many beasts and monsters just like Belle. Belle encountered a beast who captured her father, then she took her fathers place and became friends with the beast. Although Odysseus didn't get close to and befriend any of the beasts, he did have to outsmart them and not get himself killed.

I don't think that Odysseus should be considered a hero because he didn't sacrifice his life for his family, although he did have many difficult trials trying to get home I don't think that this should qualify's him as a hero. We all go through trials everyday, even though they aren't as severe as Odysseus's so I don't think that this should be considered heroic.