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Week at a Glance...

Monday, May 2

  • WINGS/Bridges Day
  • Book Fair starts
  • Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!! PTA is bringing coffee!!!
  • Janine and Team (Medina, Acevedo, Shatto, Bolinger & Lowe) out for SPLS Day
  • Third Grade to Cardinals game-Bethany gone with them
  • Storm Drill @ 9AM (Cooper runs)
  • PAT Story Time @ 2:30PM
  • Boy Scouts @ 6PM

Tuesday,May 3

  • Teacher Appreciation love continues...Pancake Breakfast provided by Horace Mann Insurance & Gift of time for Teachers...Janine and paras take kids from 1:30-3:00PM
  • Book Fair continues
  • Faculty Meeting on Canvas
  • Girl Scout Meeting @ 4:30 in the Art/Music Room

Wednesday, May 4

  • Teacher Appreciation: Part 3-PTA providing Ott's Pasta for lunch
  • Book Fair continues
  • Janine at Mentor/Mentee Meeting @ 7:30-9:30ish
  • Peer Observation in Bolinger (Cooper, Shatto, Wildman, Fassero) @ 9AM
  • Opera in the Schools for K & 1st @ 9:15AM in APR...PE outside
  • Peer Observation in Bolinger (Ward, Gangel, Lowe, Griffith) @ 10:30AM

Thursday, May 5

  • Book Fair continues
  • Something fun for Teacher Appreciation will happen...promise...
  • Janine covering Gangel for Egg Hunt Reward from 9-11AM
  • Peer Observation in Medina (Grable, Acevedo, Matz) @ 9:35AM
  • Peer Observation in Medina (Hoing, Scott, Perez, Buschhorn) @ 10:10AM
  • Fire Drill @ 11AM
  • Students eat lunch in classrooms so paras can have gift of time
  • Janine covers Acevedo for Egg Hunt Reward from 1:30-3:30PM
  • First Grade Mother's Day Tea @ 2:30PM
  • Medina/Wildman Baby Shower @ 4PM in library

Friday, May 6

  • Teacher Appreciation Week ends...we love you!!!!!!
  • Book Fair ends
  • Fifth Grade to Silver $ City...Janine is going

Teacher Morning Duty

APR: Wildman, Griffith & Lowe

Friday Feedback

Theme for 16-17

Please vote for your personal preference and if you have a K-4 grade class please record ONE class vote to represent the top choice from your class.


Teacher Appreciation

I truly hope you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you and the work you do. It does not go unnoticed. I am truly amazed by you each day and how much of yourselves you give to our students. I know Teacher Appreciation falls during a typically stressful time of year, but I hope you are able to feel how much you are loved during this week. Goodness knows you deserve it!

Please enjoy this video. Get the Kleenex ready.