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you ask Linda and Leslie "What is this all about?"

Watching my parents, family members and friends struggle with depression, unable to sleep, allergies, pain and pain medicine cause me search for an alternative.

I am excited that the alternative is pure natural essential oils. Young Living Essential Oils are God given natural answer to depression, sleep, pain and injury. The last three months I have witness major changes in moods and pain level directly in my family and friends. These oils do things to the body that lifts the spirit and relieve pain without harming the liver and kidneys or fog the mind!

These awesome oils are exactly what I have been searching for. My family will tell you that even after over 40 years working in the medical field I feel a Hospital / Emergency Room/ doctors office "worst place in the world to be!". Your chances of catching something while there is high while sitting and waiting for hours!

Call or message if you would like more information concerning your health issues!

I would love to share about an alternative solution to healthcare. How to use oils. How they can improve your health and still help with your pain. How they have helped my family. How you can change your medicine cabinet into a safe non toxic chemical free medicine cabinet. How you will not go down the pharmacy isles while shopping. How to JUST feel better!

Contact Linda Smith or Leslie McDowell for over $200 worth of products to replace your medicine cabinet for $150 through February 28th

Advantage :

Being a wholesale customer with Young Living is a terrific choice for those who enjoy savings on great products.

Wholesale Customers (Just like Sams or Cosco) enjoy:

Saving 24% percent off retail prices

Free Personal Coach

Free Peppermint and Lavender valued at $41.02 added to your basic oil kit.

Buy what you want, when you want.

No required packs to buy.

No obligation to sell anything, ever!

No annual fee.

A $40 off mail-in coupon on a diffuser in every Start Living kit

PLUS join this month and get another extra $40 credit to your wholesale account.

This special offer ends February 28th at midnight!

Added free gift from us: Pocket Essential Oil Desk Reference

$25 value

Linda ID# 1388881

318-451-0295. Call/Test/iMessage.



Leslie ID# 1399052

318-419-3733 Call/Text

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