Skylar Todd

Type of Business Organization

Nike is a public corporation; there are investors that buy stocks into the Nike company. A benefit of having a public corporation is that it is easy to raise money. Also, there is limited liability.

The History of Nike

Nike was originally created by a track-and-field coach named Bill Bowerman and one of his runners, Phil Knight. This company was founded in 1964; it was originally called "Blue Ribbon Sports." It officially became Nike, Inc. in 1971.
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Facts About Nike

  • Nike sells brands such as Jordan and Hurley
  • This company specializes in athletic clothing and shoes
  • Nike has a Sports Research Lab to test all products
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant both have products through Nike

Would You Invest?

Yes, I would invest in Nike. Nike is a very successful company, and they are very popular among kids my age. The clothes and shoes that Nike make are very nice and fashionable. I personally buy a new pair of Nike soccer cleats every year.