Checking In Before Checking Out!

Enjoy some R&R with family and friends!

Good Morning!

I just wanted to make sure I reached out one last time before getting completely engrossed in the holidays with my family. I have already been enjoying some R&R away from my business to recharge (it was a crazy but fun holiday season) and reconnect with my kiddos and it feels good. Almost too good—my goal was to write this days ago AND book some January shows… opps. I guess done is better than perfect and if you are reading this then at least you know it’s DONE. :) Truthfully, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have the privilege of working with all of you. Whether you do this as a hobby or something far greater I LOVE WORKING WITH YOU. This is not what I signed up for—I had not intention of growing a team when I started this business and now it’s my favorite part. Funny how that happens. You all inspire me in so many ways and I thank you for that!

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So check out and have fun over the holidays but don’t forget to check back in lol. Have a game plan—here are some boxes to check:

  • When you are coming back to your S&D business?
  • What dates can you have trunk shows in January?
  • Who can you ask to debut the new line (this list should be LONG bc it starts your 2016 right)
  • When are you scheduling time to follow up on Dot Dollars? (and yes ask these gals to debut the new line—best use of your time he he)

After I get this note off, here is what I will spend some time doing so that my re-entry is productive and I don’t feel like a hamster spinning in a wheel…..

  1. 2016 goals…. yep I’m ready to move some mountains and take my business up a notch and I know if I want that, then January must be strong. Let me know if you want to climb a new mountain with me. I’d love the company!
  2. Making a big list of potential hostesses! I will start my 2-2-4-2 during Dot Dollar Redemption time (frankly I will most likely make it 4-4-8-4 in the beginning just to start crazy strong) I have one January show and that is not enough for me.
  3. I am making another big list of potential stylists I’d love to share this business with. January is an awesome time to sponsor—people love something new in the New Year and to help pay off their visa bills lol. I will put together some little fun packets (opportunity brochure, personal note, etc) to mail out right after the New Year and then follow up the first week of Jan

My parting words of advice—don’t wait to January to start thinking about your 2016 business…. plant some seeds now.

Share your business with friends and family that you’ll see over the holidays and I don’t mean just sell them an engraved piece (of course you can do that too) but share with them what you love, what your goal is in 2016, ask for their advice and see how they can help. I have found that when I let people in, they start seeing beyond the fun accessories and see the opportunity and three things can happen:

  1. they are far more INTERESTED in being a hostess or perhaps stylist
  2. they can CONNECT me to people who might enjoy being a hostess or stylist to help me grow my business
  3. the BUY more from me throughout the year

Thank you all for a great season, year and making my job more fun. I would LOVE 2016 to be a year of growth for all of us….. are you in?

Happy Holidays! See you during Dot Dollar redemption… :)


Jen Pisani, Director

Leader of the awesome Rolling Gemstones team!