This Week at Remynse

January 11- January 15

The 5 S's

Please be sure you are reviewing the Five S model for emergencies that is to be used during lockdown drills. Please review this information starting this week and talk to students about lockdown drill procedures. We will be having a visit from the security department some time this month. We do not know the date, but we know it will be coming soon. Please be sure you are aware of lockdown drill protocol. If you have any questions, let Ms. Adams know. We want to ensure that you and all of our students are safe in case of a real emergency. This drill will play out like a real scenario. One of the security officers will be moving through the school attempting to attain master keys and get into classrooms.

What are the Five S's?

  • Scan
  • Shut
  • Sit
  • Silence
  • Stay

We tend to forget to SCAN the hallway for students while we are attempting to SHUT our doors. The last drill, we saw many doors shut without seeing teachers heads pop out to scan the hallway for missing students or kids in the bathroom. Please be sure to talk to students about what they do if they are in the bathroom or hallway. Also, think about your game plan if your entire class is in the hallway during this time. I am attaching a security presentation that will give you some extra pointers for our drill. Many of the details are for administrators, but it goes into more detail about the 5 S's.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday will be pretty interesting for your two administrators. We will both be leaving for meetings throughout the day. This leaves only one administrator in the building during those times. We will be needed in PLCs (both Tuesday and Wednesday) and in ARD meetings (Wednesday). Please work with your teams and your Super Games members to assist you with discipline issues you may be having. Our PBIS contacts will also be out of the building this afternoon. If these PBIS members are part of your normal "phone a friend" strategy, please get with another team member to assist you for this afternoon. I appreciate all that you are doing to work with one another for your Level 1 and Level 2 offenses. If you are unable to locate me this afternoon, please work with our ICs or Ms. McCoy for assistance.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, Jan. 11th
  • TLI meeting at 3:45 pm (location TBA)
  • Paraprofessional Meeting at 3:50 pm in the library
  • PK CPALS testing window begins
  • 1/2 Day PLC meetings for 5th grade Reading and Math

Tuesday, Jan. 12th

  • PLC meetings for 4th grade
  • PBIS team out for training in the PM (work with teams to help with discipline-since all were out)
  • 1/2 Day PLC meetings for 4th grade Reading/Writing and Math

Wednesday, Jan. 13th

  • PDAS evaluations begin on 1/13 (more details to come)
  • Adams out for AP meeting in the AM
  • Ozuna and Hargis out for Budget training in the PM
  • 1/2 Day PLC for 3rd grade (Reading AM/Math PM)
  • Report Cards Distributed

Thursday, Jan. 14th

  • PLC meeting for K-2 in Conference room
  • Staff PD meeting in library
  • 1/2 Day PLC meetings for 4th grade Reading and Math

Friday, Jan. 15th

  • 1st Science Bowl Game for K-6 (turn in questions to Lisa Spencer by Tuesday, Jan. 12th)
  • Ozuna out for Principal PLC meeting from 8:00-2:00 pm
  • Spirit Participation Count by noon via Google Doc or turned in to office