England Adventure

By: Alfredo Antonetti

Background Knowledge

In this Smore will we be going on a adventure across England. Today you will learn many things about England and what is has to offer. We will learn about England the country that one time owned many parts of the world.


The England form of Government is a constitutional monarchy, which combines a monarch head of state with a parliamentary system. While many consider the England form of government a democracy, the Queen of England has many roles and is officially the head of state, although she has little power. The power in England in their form of government comes from the prime minister and the Parliament. The current Prime Minister is David Cameron, who was put in office on 11 May, 2010. He is currently the leader or England. England is in the United Kingdom and so there for is part of the United Nations. England has many rights like the USA, and helps other countries in bad times.


In England their form of money is the British pound sterling. 1 us dollar or $ is equal to .60
British pound sterling. England ships manufactured goods, fuels, Chemicals, Food, Beverages, and tobacco. Their highest trading partners are the US, Germany, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Belgium, and Spain. England is sort of richer then the US for one reason, the USA is 17 trillion dollars in dept while England is about 1.8 trillion dollars in dept at the time.

Social and Ethnic Groups (site:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_the_United_Kingdom)

Ethnic group 2011 population 2011 %

White: Total 55,010,359 (87.1%

Gypsy/Traveller/ Irish Traveller: Total 63,193 (0.1%

Asian or Asian British: Indian 1,412,958 (2.3%

Asian or Asian British: Pakistani 1,174,983 (1.9%

Asian or Asian British: Bangladesh 451,529 (0.7%

Asian or Asian British: Chinese 433,150 (0.7%

Asian or Asian British: Other Asian 861,815 (1.4%

Asian or Asian British: Total 4,373,339 (6.9%

Black or Black British: Total 1,904,684 (3.0%

Mixed Multiple: Total 1,250,229 (2.0%

Other Ethnic Group: Total 580,374 (0.9%

Total 63,182,178 (100 %

Social and Ethnic Groups

The literacy rate in England is 99% for male and women. It is so high, because children are required to go to school till they are 18 years old. You can tell that England must be a very smart country, because of the high literacy rate in England which is 90%. Parents in England pay for school in England. In England the government believes that men and women should have the same rights and opportunists.

Religion, Langauge, Flag

Christianity is the main religion in England, it is practiced by 31,479,876 people. That is 59.4% of England. The main language in England is english. The red cross is the emblem of England which is on there flag. It can be traced back to the middle ages, and it was used as a design of the Union flag in 1606. The English flag has no official things with the United Kingdom.

Traditional Holidays or Festivals, Traditional Clothing, and Food.

One England's customs is mummering. In the Middle Ages, people called mummers put on masks and acted out Christmas plays. These plays are still performed in towns and villages. This is a tradition they do in England on Christmas. In England the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day because boys used to go round collecting money in clay boxes. When the boxes were full, they broke them open .In England Christmas dinner was usually eaten at Midday on December 25, during daylight. In England the traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey with vegetables and sauces. For dessert it is , fruity Christmas pudding with sauce. Mince pies, and pastry cases. In England the people wear cloths like us.