Valentine's Sparkle Shopping Spree

Selecting Gifts That Are Filled With Love

Come To Expand and Grow

All Online Vendors That Are Selected For the Saturday, February 1, 2014 Event Please Review The Following:

Vending Fee: $10.00

Ven Shop has a right to select any and all vendors to participate in the Online Valentines Day Vending and Auction Event on Saturday, February 1, 2014.

All Vendors will be present for the entire auction or event in it's entirety: Know one will leave early, they will remain open for the duration of the auction.

The Auction will be from 1-5PM
The Event will be from 1-10PM

The sole purpose for this event is for the vendor and business owner to show show case their products and services on the day of the event, and advertise and promote their company.

Arrive 1 hour before the online event, and be sure that all of your items are set up in their prospective positions, complete with full listings, and pricing for each individual item. Please connect your PayPal to your free online store to receive all of your direct payments.

Be sure that your Free Online Store has your store policies on returns, or if you are accepting returns, your shipping policies and how long it will take for you to ship out items once they are ordered.

As a Selected Vendor, you can have your vending space pay for itself. You can sell 10 tickets for $1.00 to have your family and fans present at your online shopping event.
We will send the tickets via email, and you can print them out and give it to them, or simply email it to them. The table pays for itself, and you are able to reach a great amount of new guest and build relationships and make sales.

There will be only be 1 Specialist representing each business. There will be one for the auctions, and one for the online event. The early bird that register first will get to select from the auction or event. The position that is left will given to the Specialist next in place.

All Items that are sold at the auctions / online events must be authentic items only, not close to items, but exact items.

Registration is opened from today, and registration will end on January 18, 2014.

To accept this offer as the Representative for Scentsy on Saturday, February 1, 2014, simply read all of the policies, if you agree, simply text that you agree and you will be present on the day of the online event/ auction. Please list your interest, ex, auction or event.

Thank you we look forward to growing with you.


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