The Bell Witch

Research Question: Why Did The Bell Witch Attack?


  • John Bell had a family of 9 and him and his family owned slaves( The Bell Witch of Tennessee,2012).John Bell and his lived on a 300 acer farm land ( The Bell Witch of Tennessee, 2012). Family strated seeing werid animals near their house with a head of a rabbit and a body of a dog (Dunning, 2008). One night John Bell's son tride to catch the witch with a blaket and put it in a fire (Ghost Aventures, 2016).Than when Andrew Jackson heard about this he and his men visited the cabin were John Bell and his family lived(Dunning, 2008).
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John Bell and his family heard tapping on their cabin at night(The Bell Witch of Tennessee, 2102). Than the tapping got louder and louder. After that John Bell's family heard vocies talking to them(Ghost Aventures, 2016). Than John Bell's daughter started getting attacked(Dunning, 2008). Her hair was pulled and she was slapped(The Bell Witch of Tennesee, 2012). These incidents left welts on her(The Bell Witch of Tennesee, 2012). At night the familys bedcoovers were pulled off of them(Dunning, 2008).Also the heard chewing on the bed post(The Bell Witch of Tennesee, 2102).

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Some theories people think why the witch attacked is they think the witch attack so she could kill John Bell( Dunning, 2008). Some other people think that the witch attacked so she could stop John Bell's daughter from marrying this man(The Bell Witch Of Tennesee, 2012). Another theory is that John Bell's son dug up a skull and when he was running into the cabin a tooth fell out(Ghost Adventure, 2016).

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What Most Likely Happened

What most likely happened was that The Bell Witch attacked the Bells because their daughter was going to marry this guy. This is most likely what happened because The Bell Witch attacked John Bell's daughter the most and the witch left welts and bruises on her.