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ARE Media Center News - July 2016

Beginning of Year 2016-2017 Edition!

Dibels Next Kits

Dibels Next Kits are ready for grades K-3 - Tracks 1-3: Please stop by the Media Center to get the kit for your room.

These kits will be checked out to the room and will not move with you. It might be a good idea to choose a spot as a grade level to store them so everyone knows where it is located when they track in a new room.

Grades 4-5 - Your kits are not ready because many of them are missing booklets. Please check your classrooms and bring me anything you find with Dibels Next on it. They look like the picture to the right.

We are also still missing three 5th grade boxes!! Please double check closets and storage spaces for extras.

Equipment Needs

If you need help setting up your document camera or are in need of some additional equipment, let me know ASAP. You can email me (lstetson@wcpss.net) or drop a note in my mailbox.


Open circulation will start at different times for each class. Please do not let your students come to the library independently until after I have seen your class for the first time. This allows me to go over rules and expectations, as well as review how to check out books, before they start coming on their own.

If you do not have media as a special this week or next - see the section below about signing up for an "Intro Class".

Intro to Media Class Sign Ups

Please click the link below to sign up for an "Intro Class" time in the Media Center with me. This is for teachers who do not have Media already in their schedule over the next few weeks.

Sign Up Sheet

The link will take you to a Google Sheet - please find a day and time that works for you and fill in the box next to it with your name and grade. Be careful not to erase anyone else's entry! :)

Junior Librarians

I am working on re-vamping the schedule for Junior Librarians. When I see each 3rd-5th grade class for the first time I will explain what it means to be a Junior Librarian and pass out applications. If any students or parents have questions about this please direct them to me.

Library Passes

If you are in need of library passes please email Lisa Smith (lsmith3@wcpss.net) with how many you need. Each class should have 3-4 passes for students to use when visiting the library to get books throughout the day. Please put your name on the back of your passes with sharpie. I often find random passes in the library but do not know who to return them to!

Leveled Book Room Database

I forgot to share some EXCELLENT news at the staff meeting last week!

As we have been reorganizing the Leveled Book Room we have created a database of ALL the books in that room. The link below will take you to a Google Sheet that has each set's title, author, number of copies, Guided Reading Level, Lexile Level (if we could find it), the old Wake County level, whether it is Fiction or Non-Fiction, and any notes about the book. The database is organized by level and is searchable (by going to Edit and selecting Find and Replace). The very best part is that you can access this list at home! Now you can know what we have in the Book Room without having to be in the Book Room! The database is below and also linked from the Teachers portion of my website.

Leveled Book Room Database

Book Requests

If there is a specific title (or many titles) or a topic that you wish we had more books on please click the link below and fill out the form. I will also be adding this request form to my website and email signature for any future requests.

Book Request Form