Multiplying and Dividing Decimals


Multiplying decimals in real world!!!!!!

You need to multiply gas prices because if it is $1.27 per gallon of gas. If you got 24 gallons of gas you would need to multiply $1.27 by 24 to get the total cost.

When you are buying food at the grocery store and you get 10 oranges. Each orange cost $1.39. Then you multiply 10 and 1.39.

You also multiply decimals in weight because if someone weights 3 times as much as you and you weight 73.21 pound. Then you multiply that times three.

Dividing decimals in real world!!!!

You divide decimals when your boss is giving out your pay check. Let's say he has $100 to split between 5 people. Each person would get $20.

You also divide decimals when you are splitting the pay check with your freind. If the pay check is $46.28 the you would divide that into 2 and get $23.14.

You divide decimals when you are splitting a pizza. If you have 20 people and 4 large pizzas, everybody wants 2 pieces so you divide 20 by 4.

How to multiply decimals!!!

First you just line up the numbers(do not line up decimals) then you just multiply. Make sure that multiplication is correct. Then when you finished multiplying you count how much numbers were to the right of the decimals then you put the decimal how ever many numbers were to the right of the decimals.

How to divide a decimal!!!

Decimal in dividend:You forget the decimal and regularly divide. Don't do anything with the decimal. Make sure that all division is correct when you finish bring the decimal up. Then that is your answer.

Decimal in divisor and diveden: when the decimal is in the dividend and divisor you hop the decimal to the end of the number so that the number is a hole number. How ever many hops you did to the divisor that is how many hops you need to do to the dividend. Then you just divide and if you still have a decimal you bring it up.