News From The Nest

June 2022

Directors Report

Hello Eagles Nest Fam!

Hope everyone is having a lovely afternoon. Can you guys believe it is already June?! Did May even happen? I'm sure you guys have seen me running around like a crazy person as I'm trying to still figure this director thing out! Thank you all for being patient with me and all you support!

Some exciting news, I would like to congratulate my mamma also best known as Mrs. Neva on her new roll as the assistant director! With that being said when we get out Infant room back up in running she will still be the Infant room supervisor. We know she is the baby whisper and people really trust her and want her to be in there to love and care for the babies.

More exciting news as most of you have come to find out just from day to day business, we are now allowing parents to drop off and pick up their littles in their classrooms! I am so excited for you all to have more interactions with the teachers and be able to do brief check ins during mornings and afternoons. We would like to keep the drop offs and pick up times short and sweet as it can be difficult on the kiddos if parents linger too long. It can also be disruptive to the class. Thank you for understanding.

Parent Reminders and Info

We have finished up our spring assessments so if you are interested in setting up a conference with your child's teacher send me an email and we can get that rollin!

I want to send out a reminder to all you beautiful people and to let some of our new ones know the policy about the driveway and parking situation. The driveway is a one way and the entrance is right in front of the Eagles Nest sign. When parking please remember to park is the actual parking spots in the dirt lot or in front of the school. If the front spots are full please park in the dirt lot and not in front of the steps to the school or in front of the mail box. That is a fire zone and we can not block that area. Thank you all!

Big picture

Garden Beds

As you all have noticed we took out that old dead tree, spread fresh mulch took that silly boat out and got some nice new shiny metal bins to makes our gardens beds in! A big thank you to Jesse our handy man for making the Nest get some curb appeal, and putting in all the hard work! It looks so much better.

This week we plan to get out there with the kids and get our flowers and plants in the dirt. This is always a fun project with the kiddos but they will get dirty. But hey a little dirt never hurt right? If you have any extra small shovels laying around we would love to barrow them for our little gardeners. Cant wait to have some beautiful flowers to add some color to the front.

Very Important PLEASE READ!

Eagles Nest has not raised our tuition is 2 years! With the way things are going and having to offer our employees competitive wages we need to raise our tuition $10 dollars per week. I know this may seem as an inconvenience and I'm very sorry but this is what is necessary to keep our staff and center running. This will be effective July 1st 2022.

Also starting August 1st if your child will be continuing the school year here at the Nest there will be a $50 dollar supply fee charged for the year. This is easier then making a list and will be helpful for when we order things in bulk. If your child is moving to the big school in August this will not apply to you.

Happy Fathers Day!

Cheers to all you AMAZING pappas! You guys are so loved by your littles and mean the world to them! Hope everyone enjoys a relaxing weekend and if you're around be sure to check out the fishing derby!