The Courier Times

By: Emily Collier

Millions without money.

During these hard times, many Americans are losing their jobs. Many Americans are losing many things such as their homes, jobs, and their pride. A lot of people are living in their cars, in little huts called “Hoovervilles”, under bridges, and overpasses. During this Great Depression millions of people will stand in line for hours to get food from local soup kitchens. While standing in line people will pass out because dehydration and hunger.

Many older children whos parents or themselves couldn’t find jobs, would often runaway to avoid there struggling families. Women are often forced to give their job to a man who doesn't have a job and many managers won't hire a woman unless her husband has a job. As many people don't have jobs their losing basically everything they have.

New President, New Laws

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Are new president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has taken three immediate steps into the presidency that is boosting public confidence. One of the steps are, he is declaring a "bank holiday". The "bank holiday" is a temporary shut down of all banks. But Roosevelt is only letting the banks in good condition reopen. Also he is starting to give many of his "fireside chats" before banks reopen. The chats he speaks says, it is safer to keep your money in the bank then under you mattress. Roosevelt also speaks of the three R's. The three R's are going to try and help many people during this hard time. The three R's state relief- for the hungary and jobless, recovery- for agriculture and industry, and reform- to change the way the economy worked. He wants to ease suffering and prevent another severe depression from happening.