Kindergarten Knightly News

Learning, Loving, & Growing

Looking Ahead

Next week is our field trip to the farm. We will centering our literacy and math around our farm theme and learning about living and nonliving things. Please remember to have your child dress appropriately for the weather that day, as we will be outside.

What Happened This Week...

  • We used our apples to create a class apple graph. We used the words most, least, and all together to describe our graphs. Then we used our apples to measure the diameter, compare the weight, and experiment if it would sink or float.
  • Our class learned about different types of texts. We compared fiction and nonfiction. We read poems, lists, and letters. We also explored nursery rhymes and chants.
  • We used the sight words "This is my..." and "This is a..." to write in our journals. We know we can add more to our picture and more to our words. Encourage your child to write these words at home!
  • Our class made sight word trees and reviewed the sight words we have worked with so far. Check out our art work in the hallway!
  • We continued our work with matter. Our class investigated sinking and floating with different materials. We made predictions of whether something would sink or float and then tested it.
  • We used apples to measure how tall we are. We had fun comparing our height to others in our class.
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  • We completed our first S.T.E.A.M. project (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). We learned out the Design Process and created a boat that would float from clay. Each child worked with a partner to ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, and share. We tested our boats and also checked to see how many pennies they would hold. The first time we tested, many of our boats sunk. However, we were able to improve our designs and learn from our mistakes to create another boat. This time many of our boats floated! This was a great kickoff to project based learning!

Things to Know

Box Tops

For the month of September, our class won the award for bringing in the most Box Tops in Kindergarten! WOOHOO! For a reward, PTO is providing us with a popcorn party. Great job, Mrs. Thomas' class. The October collection will be October 16th, so keep collecting and sending them in. If you need another Box Top form, just let us know. Box Tops are an awesome, easy way to contribute to Kedron. It's like a dime taped to every box!

Lost & Found

As the cooler weather creeps in, please make sure your child's jacket is labeled with his or her name. This makes it a little easier to find if misplaced! Thank you for your help in this matter!

Phone Numbers & Emergency Contacts

Please remember to keep us updated on all phone number changes and changes with emergency contacts. You can simply email me to update any changes. In the event we need to reach you, it is important that we have the most current contacts.

Mystery Reader

Earlier this week, I sent out an electronic form asking for volunteers to come be a Mystery Reader in our classroom. Thank you to all of those who responded! I was able to almost fill every October & November spot. I still have 2 spots available (October 23 & November 20). If you think you can come in to read to our class, just let me know! Thank you to Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Morris for being our last two Mystery Readers!

Wish List Items

We have a few items needed in our class. Please send in if you can help! Thank so much to the parents who donated last time. We truly appreciate your help!

  • Rainbow colored goldfish crackers
  • Gallon sized Ziplock baggies with the slider close

Sight Words

  1. I
  2. can
  3. like
  4. see
  5. the
  6. my
  7. this
  8. to
  9. am
  10. is