Technology Tips Newsletter

Pennington Traditional School

March 1, 2022

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An Update on Computer Updates

In past editions of this newsletter, I have advised students and staff to manually update their computers each month. Starting this week and going forward, students and staff will no longer need to do this. From now on, updates will automatically happen on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 6 pm. If your computer is turned on during that time, you will be prompted to restart to complete the updates. If your computer is turned off during that time, it should automatically update the next time it is turned on. Automatic updates are great because they will help keep your computer secure and running smoothly.

Digital Citizenship Family Tips: Relationships and Communication

March's Digital Citizenship Family Tips are about relationships and communication. Click on the links below based on your grade-level and preferred language to be taken to the Common Sense Education website for more information.

Elementary School English

Elementary School Spanish

Middle School English

Middle School Spanish

Technology Rules

Now that every student has a school-owned laptop, we need to get in the habit of taking care of these devices. The poster below is a set of technology rules that we will strive to live by here at Pennington Traditional School. These rules will also be posted in every classroom. Please take the time to read them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your teacher, Mr. Case, or Mr. Esguera.
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