Sixth Grade Ancient World History

Mrs. Shaw

Welcome to the New School Year!

It was wonderful meeting all of your children on Tuesday! Last week, we took care of all the "beginning of year items" that needed to be accomplished to have a successful year. Just about all students logged into their Montville accounts, got a tutorial on my Montville Teacher Page and completed student surveys. Students will be expected to regularly access my Montville teacher website because it's where I’ll be posting GoogleSlides, handouts and homework assignments - pretty much all things related to sixth grade social studies. We had students organize their Google Drive by setting up eight sub-folders for each unit of study. The units of study are Early Man, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Sub-folders will help students stay organized, as I will be "sharing" many documents to their Google Drive throughout the year.

As parents, you should access my Montville Teacher Website ( regularly for updates. Be sure to view the "Recommended Supplies" section.

Finally, on Tuesday in homeroom, students received instructions on how to reset their Montville passwords. We worked on this during school hours. However, if there are questions related to resetting passwords, please contact me.

I'm looking forward to a great year with your kids!

Important Documents

Bring Your Own Technology to School: This document should be completed in case students choose to bring in their own technology from home. This will most likely rarely happen because we have Chromebooks in class. However, in case we can't use the Chromebooks on a particular day, I may ask students to bring in their own technology.

How to Access Google Drive From Home: This document shows students how to access Google Drive documents they worked on in school from home. Since students have been working with Google Drive for a number of years now, this may not need to be looked at.

Welcome Letter to Students & Parents: This document welcomes students and parents to sixth grade social studies and also gives an overview of what students will be studying.

Course Description: This document provides a description of the course. It includes student expectations, grading policies and class rules.

Finally, students completed the Google form below to help me better learn about who they are. I'm enjoying reading their responses!

Mrs. Shaw's Contact Information

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

What's Ahead for Next Week?

Students will be asked to create a Google Slide that tells me a little more about who they are. Here is the project description.