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Notes from Dr. Miller

Dear Gompers K8 Parent Community,

Welcome Back and Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year! It's going to be a FANTASTIC year in #GatorNation! Gompers Gators are going GREEN!!

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you as the incoming principal of Gompers K8. It is truly an honor to become a part of the Gompers family and community. I hear such great accolades about Gompers students, staff and parent community....soooooooo excited to begin our journey together!

Student Achievement Data as measured by SBAC assessment:

Our overall SBAC ELA scores increased by 5% to 53% Met and Exceeded and our overall SBAC Math scores remained stagnant @ 38% Met and Exceeded proficiency.

Listed below are grade levels who made significant gains in ELA:

3rd - an increase of 8% to 61% Met and Exceeded

5th - an increase of 10% to 57% Me and Exceeded

7th - an increase of 17% to 56% Met and Exceeded

8th - an increase of 7% to 48% Met and Exceeded

Listed below are grade levels who made significant gains in Math:

5th - an increase of 10% to 41% Met and Exceeded

6th - an increase of 13% to 41% Met and Exceeded

Ultimately, our goal is to increase student proficiency in all academic areas and measures. Looking forward to working collaboratively with teachers and having a laser focus on increased student achievement outcomes for our GATORS.

Let us give a biggggggg warm welcome to our newest members of the Gompers Family:

Kindergarten - Ms. Michelle Beay

Middle School - Mr. Clint Vis

I look forward to meeting all of you and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share.

In closing.....Gompers Gators Goooooooo G-R-E-E-N!!!


Dr. Damita Myers-Miller -

#studentsaremywhy #180daysofwhy #thisiswhywedothis

Dr. Miller needs your HELP to support our Gomper Kindergarten Gators!!

As you know the months of September and October are some of the hottest months in California. In several conversations with staff and some parents, I have been made aware of the lack of shade structures on campus. Further, it has come to my understanding that our kindergarten students do not have a shade structure which prevents them from adequately using this space during this time (September/October).

Though this is strictly a temporary is a solution possibility. I am humbly asking if I any parents can donate "pop-up tents" for a two week period. After two weeks, the pop-up tent would be returned.

Please contact Claudia Berumen for more information regarding this request.

Thank you in advance.

GATOR G R E E N ....Oh Yeah G R E E N!!!!!

As a K-8 school community, Gompers will have a common language of expectations for our students, Guidelines for Success (GFS) aka as GREEN. Our GFS common language of scholarly achievement, social, behavior and civic engagement expectations supports a school that has the same message for all 750 student's success. Students will be held to the expectation of having Gompers PRIDE by following the GFS as identified through the acronym of GREEN.

Definition for Gompers Gators "go" GREEN

G = GRIT..going the extra mile, persevering to achieve

R = RESPONSIBILITY...accountable to one's actions in scholarship, social and behavior

E = EXPECTATIONS...belief that all can achieve to their maximum potential

E = ETHICS...doing what is right when no one is looking

N = NEIGHBORLY...caring about our community

K-8 - Implementation, and Support of GREEN:

1. Green Expectation Assemblies annually:

September, January, April, and June

2. Caught Being a GREEN GATOR Slips - K-8 Students will be acknowledged by all staff for following the GREEN expectations in the common areas: playground, hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms with a GREEN slip. Students will submit their GREEN slips into the office for a weekly prize drawing.

3. Monthly GATOR "GREEN" Student of the Monthly Assemblies

The last Friday of each month Gompers will reinstitute student of the month assemblies recognizing select students for being exemplary models of GREEN expectations. A separate trait will be recognized each month ie. G for September, R for October, etc... The assemblies will rotate between morning and afternoon assembly times to support school structures.

6th Grade Orientation - 8/22 @ 9:30 - 11:30

The transition to Middle Scool - Team Building (9:30 -10:30 for students only)

- The formal beginning to College and Career begins TODAY!

- What does it mean to be a Gomper Gator? (10:30 - 1130 for STUDENTS and PARENTS)

- GREEN with envy!

Success Expectations

Understanding GPA, and Zeros

- High School Readiness, PSAT, SBAC, GPA

Scholarly Dress Expectations

Technology Use/Protocols

- Chromebooks, IPAD

- CellPhone

Parent Partnership

- School loop, Parent Vue

Purchase of Spirit Wear ad PE Clothes

7th & 8th Orientation - 8/22 @ 1:00

This orientation is for PARENTS and STUDENTS

The orientation will cover the following:

What does it mean to be a Gomper Gator

- GREEN with envy!


Success Expectations

- High School Readiness, PSAT, SBAC, GPA

Scholarly Dress Expectations

Technology Use/Protocols

- Chromebooks, IPAD

- CellPhone

Parent Partnership

- School loop, Parent Vue

Purchase of Spirit Wear and PE Clothes will be available

Kinder Orientation - 8/27 @ 11:30 for Parents and Students

Welcome to School...we are soooo excited for your child to become a part of the GOMPER Gator family!

Orientation to include:

Kindergarten...It's changed in expectations for student academic success

Success Expectations

Scholarly Dress Expectations

Bell Schedules & Parent Drop Off/Pickup

Technology Use

Parent Active Involvement - Become a VIP!

Dr. Miller's 1st Coffee Hour - Meet and Greet 8/23

Dr. Miller welcomes all parents for an introductory "coffee hour - meet and greet".

Topics to discuss:

School Vision/Goals for School Success

Increasing Student Achievement for ALL Students

Going GREEN - Success Expectations

- Academics, Scholarly Dress & Technology Use

Safety & Security

Leadership Opportunities/Parent Involvement

Looking forward to meeting all my Gator community parents. We will chat about her past experiences, learn from parents/community the history of Gompers and discuss our partnership in collaboration for the work ahead at Gompers.

Time: 9:00 - 10:30 am - Where: Library

Hope to see you there!!!

Parent Opening Packet

The opening informational packet for details regarding school expectations, structures and protocols of practice will be available digitally and hardcopy for the 2019-20 school year:

Please return the last page of the opening packet that acknowledges all the signatures to your child's classroom teacher (ES) and 4th-period teacher (MS).

*Please note next year (2020-21), the opening packet will only be available digitally and parents/guardian will be required to print the last page and submit signature page*

Please Read the below information carefully.....Thanks!

Scholarly "Daily" Dress for Success for Gomper Gators

Each and every day Gompers students are expected to be scholarly dressed for school success. Scholarly dress is defined as school uniform and abiding with LBUSD DRESS CODE (Board Policy):

Tops - Collard Shirts: Red, White, and Blue "uniform" Shirts

Bottom - Uniform pants, No Jeans

Outwear - School Spirit Hoddies/Sweatshirts is highly preferred

Daily School Uniforms - Monday - Friday

or "weekly" School Uniform Spirit Days -

Friday - Gator Nation Day - Wear your Gator T-SHIRT & Blue Jeans (Friday ONLY)

SPIRIT WEEK and "special" SPIRIT Days will be announced throughout the year.

Safety and Security with EVC "buzz system" begins 8/28

As part of our district’s commitment to safety, beginning on 8/28/209 our school will be a closed campus that uses an electronic visitor screening system. This system will add to our school’s current safety measures.

When we begin this system on 8/28/2019, you may continue to drop your students off at our morning drop off points as follows: Dunrobin Avenue. Once the morning bell rings at 9:00, we will be closing the gates and requiring that any student who is late will come through the main school entrance.

In addition, all parents and visitors will be required to come through the main entrance during school hours and use the electronic visitor screening system. This will require that you identify yourself at the front door before being provided entry.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of your children and we thank you for your patience as we take this next step as a district and school.

Safety and Security continues.....

Identification required for Early PickUp of students

Parents/Guardians will be required to show identification to pick their students up early from campus.

VIPs -

All VIPs are required to sign in the office upon each visit to the campus and wear their name tag while on campus.

Campus Gates in the morning:

Gates to the campus are open through the entrance of the playground on Dunrobin Ave ONLY(by the park) for YMCA and "Zero/Music period".

**Kindergarten and SPED information will be given separately by teachers**

Student/Morning Drop Off Off -

Campus Supervision of students does not begin until 8:15 each morning. Students should enter through the playground entrance on Dunrobin Ave.

Afternoon PickUp -

Campus supervision of student ends at 4:00pm

Playground closes at 4:00.

Electronic Devices

Once students walk "into the learning zone" of Gompers campus, electronic devices including cell phones are prohibited at Goper K8 Community. Students are asked to leave all such devices at home. If students need to use a phone in an emergency, they may use the office phones.

In Partnership with PTA

In Partnership with our AMAZING PTA

Gompers PTA is AWESOME and we are lucky to have such a hardworking PTA Board and members in service for our school community.

PTA "MONTHLY" GAZETTE NEWS will be an embedded link in the weekly "online" GATOR parent bulletin beginning September 2019:

PTA news can also be found on:

1. Gompers PTA website

2. Gompers Facebook Page

3. Gompers email:

PTA Memberships:

PTA general member meetings:

1st meeting - September 12 @ 6:30 in the library - 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Our school functions GREATER for students when we are all working COLLABORATIVELY for its SUCCESS!!

GATOR BULLETIN - Weekly - Communication Avenues for Gompers

Every Friday and Sunday evening check your email and or phone text messages for the Gompers GATOR "online" Bulletin!

All information pertaining to the Gompers school community will come through this mode of communication. Throughout the year, a very limited number of messages and or reminders will be sent through a hard copy to parents. The Gompers Gator Bulletin is our primary school sanction communication tool.

The Gompers GATOR Bulletin will also be placed on the website each week.

Parent KEY for knowing/accessing "ALL" of the information regarding your student(s)

PARENTVUE provides you access to all the following information:

Calendar, Attendance, Schedule, Course History, Fees, Gradebook, Health, Report Cards, Student Information, School Information, Assessments and More, School of Choice, School Messenger, Meal Program and Surveys.

All information is updated daily or per input time lines.

If you are having trouble with accessing PARENTVUE, please come into the office ASAP

Be in the Know: Schoolwide Events and LBUSD News