Common Sense Media Updates

Teaching requirements & new resources

Common Sense Media School Certification

Elementary, Middle, High Schools

  • 3 lessons minimum for 3 or more grade levels


  • 5 lessons minimum for 2 or more grade levels

Librarians' role

Elementary Librarians

Middle & High School Librarians

  • for school certification: 3 lessons taught across 3 entire grade levels
  • if you decide to teach 1 lesson across grades 6-8, your school would be 1/3 of the way to certification
  • have a conversation with building MIEs & building admin/leadership as to your plan for obtaining certification (which is required as part of device access through planned obsolescence)
  • others in building may already be teaching CSM lessons-i.e. Computer Apps, FACTS, Human Growth & Development

Common Sense Media Resources

  • For Educators page top tab
  • Can find additional Digital Citizenship resources
  • Digital Teaching section tab-select Teaching Strategies

OPS Lead Teacher of Digital Citizenship

Keegan Korf

Lead Teacher of Digital Citizenship in Partnership with Common Sense Media
Instructional Technology Team

Instructional Technology Presenter

McKenzie White

Lead Teacher, Instructional Technology Team
Instructional Technology Leadership Program Coordinator