Jonas got selected

By melanie rojas

The Ceremony

This December saw the celebration of the annual aging ceremonies, including the important Ceremony of Twelve. Citizens and family units gathered in the Auditorium to partake in the festivities over which the The Chief Elder presided. Everything went as usual, until one boy, Jonas, was skipped during the announcing of the Assignments. The audience was flustered. Near the end of the ceremony, The Chief Elder invited Jonas to the stage and announced that he has not been assigned, but instead, selected. Thanks to careful observation by the current Receiver and the special qualities The Committee of Elders believes Jonas possess, he was selected to become the next Receiver of Memory.

Jona’s surprise

Jonas was not assigned he was selected, he is selected to be the next receiver of memory and to see his face he was anxious and surprise. The whole audience was surprised.

What jonas needs to be a receiver of memory

What jonas needs to do is not to tell no one about to his training, and if he gets hurt on the training he can’t take medicine for it. and he