American Dream

What is the American Dream?

The American Dream differs from person to person and changes based on where they come from. Some may see the American Dream as a new way of life from where they came from and strive to work in America. From those who are born here the American Dream could be seen as having a house with a family and a car to get back and from work to support your family.

Media Connections to the American Dream

This video features John Green who is the author of the book Looking for Alaska. This video connects to the American Dream in a few certain ways and John Green helps make those connections. One of the ways is how people from other countries come here to America to work because they can get better pay than from their home countries. That is the American Dream to foreigners.

Obstacles in the Way of Achieving the American Dream

Achieving the American Dream isn't always a straight forward task and it will take time to get there. One of the obstacles in the way would be moving from another country and trying to get into America. When that obstacle is out of the way the other one they face would be trying to get a job to support their new life in this country.

Another obstacle in America would be the inequality in pay between the genders. As John Green stated in his video women only get paid 77 percent of a dollar than what men make. The American Dream is hard to achieve when you're facing inequality issues.

My idea of the American Dream

My personal belief of the American Dream would to have a nice home and car with a enjoyable job to support me and my activities. Having time to live life and enjoy things would contribute towards my ideal thought of the American Dream.