Lincoln Agenda

February 15-19, 2016

What's Happening....

Library - B week

Monday, Feb. 15

No School today

Tuesday, Feb. 16

8:00 CC - Gretchen, Denise, Melissa

Data Reviews during Plan Time

2:05 High School Students 1st day

2:45 Melissa meets w PTO Board

3:30 PTO Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 17

8:00 Case Conference - Tami, Melissa, Ashleigh, Joyce

2:00 Melissa & Christina meeting

Thursday, Feb. 18

Evaluation Design Team Meeting at Admin

3:30 CC Natalie, Melissa, Ashleigh

Book fair setup after school

Friday, Feb. 19

8:05 CC Jenny, Ashleigh, Melissa

8:05 Grade Level Meeting

Book fair teacher preview

Saturday, Feb. 20

Girls Basketball games 10:00 & 11:00

Don't forget - Next week is the Book Fair and also our Stuart Little movie night on Friday!

Monthly Meeting Schedule- A look ahead. This may change but may be helpful for you as you plan.

RTI Referral- Please fill this out if you have a student that you have concerns about. Marcie will add his or her name to the agenda. This is for academics or behavior. If you have urgent concerns, please let Melissa or Marcie know ASAP.


High School Helpers

Thank you to those of you who have requested helpers! Our high school students will be coming from 2:05-2:50. I asked that they park in the front, but I don't know if there will be enough parking spots. It all depends if they carpool. We can adjust if needed. They will need to sign in at the office and then come to your rooms. I have one teacher who is still hoping for a helper. Other than that - they are taken!

Assessment Info

WIDA Assessment - January 11-February 26 (Marcie and Nikki will take care of this assessment.)

STAR 360 - Testing January 19-29

ISTEP Part 1 - February 29-March 11 (Schedules are forthcoming.)


Thank you for continuing to notify LolaJean of the happenings in your classroom. Please copy Mr. Taylor as well as myself. We can flood the media with positives to let everyone know the great things that happen every day at our school!


Our MATH Bowl is at 5:00 on Feb. 25th at Boone Grove Elementary. I am planning to send off the team with our usual parade at the end of the day. Mark your calendars!

Stuart Little

I found this Stuart Little web quest online. You may be able to use some of this for your classes. Enjoy!

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