St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School

"Sharing Christ through Academic Excellence"

April 15, 2018

School Calendar of Events

April 16-May 6 ISTEP Part 2 test

April 17- School board meeting 7pm @Soest

April 20- Spring concert 7pm Soest FLC

April 21- Fine Arts exhibit @ Concordia HS 1:00-3:30pm

April 27-28 Flatrock Rummage Sale

April 29- Soest Confirmation Sunday @ 10:30am

May 3-4- Camp Lutherhaven 6th graders

Enrolling This Week!

We are very excited to announce that online application and enrollment for the 18-19 school year will be ready this week!! I will be sending out an email explaining the process as soon as that is the case. When you receive it, you can enroll.

In order to re-enroll, current families will want to go to the ParentsWeb portion in their Renweb account and look for the link there. Preschool 3 & 4 yr olds that do not have a Renweb account will want to go here to create an account and then enroll. Deadline for current families to enroll without a late fee is May 30th.

New family enrollment begins May 1st. We can accept applications before that but will not be able to enroll until May 1st. These families will need to go to our school website under the admission/enrollment tab-link here. There will be a button with a link to the application page.

Ft Wayne Lutheran Schools Fine Arts Festival

Sunday April 22nd from Noon-3:30 is the annual Lutheran schools Fine Arts Festival. It is held at Concordia Lutheran School with music and artwork represented from virtually all of the Lutheran schools in the area. SJE will also have representative artwork there that day. I encourage you to come and check out all the art from Kindergarten to 12th grade. There is an amazing amount of artistic talent in our Lutheran schools.

SJE Endowment

The SJE endowment fund has been around for some time. It is finally at a point that the school can begin using it. That means more now than ever before. contributions made to this fund, make a difference. Also, at the beginning of this school year, the Lutheran Foundation ties grant funds the school receives to donations made to our endowment. In other words, every dollar donated to the SJE endowment is, one, matched into our endowment and, second is a dollar available for the school via the day school grant. In the past that amount has averaged $23,000 each school year. The funds were used for technology upgrades as well as any other classroom or school needs.

This grant, and the endowment fund have become very valuable to the school. So, please consider giving to our endowment fund so that the school has money to apply for to be used in an upcoming school year and long term from our endowment fund. If you have any questions about the endowment, please contact Axel Gruen in the school office at 260-639-0123 or email to

Endowment Update: As of April 1st we have had about $4500 from the Detergent for Dollars contributed to the endowment as well as $1045 from the Mary Lou Holt Memorial. It has also been reported that about $7000 was contributed earlier this year. All said and done it looks like we are at about the halfway point towards what SJE normally applies for annually. What a blessing that is. Please consider contributing in some way so we can get our full grant of $23,000.