By: Brooke Miller

1st Amedment

Patterson V. Colorado

The photo shows the president pointing to a sign that prompts the freedom of religion

2nd Amendment

District of Columbia V. Heller

a strong why to that we need to protect the 2 amendment to keep our rights to bear arms

3rd Amendment

We don't have to house an military personal in our house with out consent of the home owner

4TH Amendment

Weeks V. United Sates

The picture show one cop that does not care this amendment while the other cop is second guessing their actions

5TH Amendment

Baron V. Baltimore

One man exercising his right to plead the fifth amendment

6TH Amendment

Gideon V. Wainwright

An old man still waiting for his trial that should have been quick

7TH Amendment

That you have a right to a trail if you steal something over $20

8TH Amendment

Trop V. Dulles

No cruel or unusual punishment can be used

9TH Amendment

U.S. Public Workers V. Mitchell

You cant manipulate a law to get someone

10TH Amendment

Bond V. US

The sates can and has the power to make their own power