ICT News


Thank you for your assistance with the quick audit last week. All the jobs have been logged and prioritized. Steve and Mark are currently working through this list. Just so you know, Steve is here for a full day on Monday and Mark is here on a half day on Wednesdays.


We have a wonderful group of techxperts this year. They will be meeting every Wednesday lunchtime. The purpose of these meetings is to support these motivated individuals to develop advanced ICT and leadership skills.

Our Techxperts will be supporting students in their own class.

However this year they would like extend their role and with pairs of techxperts taking on a buddy class.

This role is to be negotiated with the teacher, but could involve:

  • · Assisting students
  • · Troubleshooting
  • · Solving a problem
  • · Finding web based resources
  • · Suggesting applications for the interactive data projector
  • · Removing dead printers and assisting to install new equipment

If you would prefer not not to have techxpert buddies please let me know, as they be allocated classes on Wednesday.

If you are a specialist teacher and can see ways in which you could use Techxperts buddies, please let me know.

They are keen as mustard to help, but we also need to minimize/completely avoid time out of class.

Support for teachers

Confused? Bewildered?

Don’t despair! Help is at hand.

I am happy to meet with teachers individually and in groups on Thursday. In order to help me plan and manage my time, I have created a booking sheet which is on the ICT page of our Teacher Desktop site

I am happy to respond to any concern you have. Some areas may include

  • · Creating Class web site
  • · Using Google Apps
  • · Using interactive boards
  • · Using IPads apps /apple TVs
  • · Using our Learning Management platform
  • · Adding to Teacher’s Desktop

So if you would like assistance, please book me in, which you can do by making a booking on the appropriate calendar, or email .

Interactive Whiteboard Rollout

The roll out of the apple TVs and IPads has commenced. The way they are intended to work is by the display on the IPads should be exactly mirrored on the board. Additional support will be available once we have had a chance to experiment and play with them.