The Green Revolution

The Best Path to Agricultural Self Sufficiency


The Green Revolution was able to prevent the mass starvation of millions of people in a time when a threat of such a famine was very likely. It has, in effect, saved lives.

International Relations

Because of the Green Revolution, countries like India that were in debt were able to repay their loans to the World Bank.

The Rainforest

Millions of acres of rainforest have been salvaged simply because of the Green Revolution. The agricultural improvements made during this time made it possible to use less land for a just as, or more profitable yield.

The Economy

Countries that were once considered not to be competitive in the global market had more of an edge. For example, India went from importing crops to exporting them after the Green Revolution.


By integrating the practices of wealthier countries in LDCs, the Green Revolution has been able to increase the level of globalization in not just the agricultural world, but in social and economic facets as well.


The scientific methods employed during the agricultural revolution made crops hardier and more successful.