Hoop City Washington D.C.

By: Sam Moussavi

Brief Summary

Hoop City Washington D.C. is about a guy, Julius Dunbar, that grew up in the hood and lost both brothers then soon headed to jail. When he lost both brothers, he had no father figure except his head coach, Tony Wilson. A year after he got out, Coach Wilson wanted Julius to coach his team because he got cancer.

List Characters

  • Tony Wilson (Coach)
  • John (Brother)
  • Myron (Brother)
  • Julius Dunbar (Main Character)
  • Josh Allen (Athletic Administrator)

Character Analysis for Julius

Trait 1: Unworthy

Evidence: "Why would Dunbar want someone with no experience coaching on the high school level."

Quote from or about character: Julius is very caring about the people he loves. But is very unforgiving about the things hes done.


No matter what you have done in your past, you have to learn forgive and accept.

Important Event

An important event that happened in the book was when, Julius and Mr. Allen were talking about the job offering and talking about how Coach Wilson won`t be around much longer.


People that like to hear about basketball stories, or sports are very highly recommend for this book.