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Is The Word Of The Week Really Impacting Students

By: Anna Robertson

Is the word of the week really impacting students? I think that the word of the week has not been impacting students. While the idea of having a word of the week was a good one, it has not reached its goal of impacting students.

To get some data to support my opinion, I interviewed thirteen students. Only two said that they think about the word of the week throughout the week. One even asked me, "What is the word of the week?" That means that about ten in every thirteen students at this school are not thinking about or being impacted by the word of the week.

I as a fifth grader also know that the fifth grade has been doing the choose kind challenge since November. Therefore, we did not do it because we were inspired by the word of the week. We did it because it was a good thing to do that would teach us to notice and do kind acts.

Some would argue that because the word of the week is on the flashing board in the front hallway, that students do think about the word of the week when they read the flashing board. Therefore, they are impacted by it. However, the flashing board is up high on the wall. Some kindergarteners might not be able to see it. Also, on the side walls in the front hallway, there are projects. The students look at these, not the flashing board.

Is the word of the week really impacting students? I think that the word of the week has not been impacting students. What do you think?

How do Members of the Basketball Team Feel About this Seson

By: Noah Koenig

Another basketball season is finished and "The Discovery School Explorers were well represented. The girl's basket ball team finishes the season with eight wins and three losses. They finished 5th in the league.

Annabelle Marlin and Anna Kekalis had this to say about the girls' teams. "The team was very supported and like and like a family. The best game we had was the game against Overall Creek they lost the first time, but they won the second time. The last game was fun and exiting we were eager to win." the girls said.

The boys basketball team finished the season with two wins and nine losses. They finished in 9th place in the league.

Drew Owen and Adam Apgian said " The boys team was very energetic and awesome. The best game was against Reeves Rogers because it was very competitive. The team was supportive most of the time." The boys also said " Kind of happy that we lost the last game so we wouldn't have to face Black Fox." This was only because they were the best game in the league and they rather not loose and be upset that they let the school down.

Dr. Robinson Our New Vice Principal

By: Sedrie Orantes

Dr.Robinson is our new vice president. Do you want to know a little more about her? Well read this and let’s find out.

Her favorite sports team is the Tennessee Titans. Her favorite food is pizza. Her favorite animals are a cat. Her favorite celebrity is Diana Ross and her favorite place to shop is TJ Max and Dillard’s. Her dream vacation is Dominican Republic.

“What are your three favorite things about Discovery School?” “My three favorite things are my students, the teachers, the different programs and after school activities.”

“What is the most rewarding part of your job?” “The most rewarding part of my job is getting to be with students but at the same time getting to help teachers.”

“What is the most difficult part of your job?” “The most difficult part of my job would be the days where I have tons of back to back meetings. Because it’s like I’m stuck in the room all day and I don’t get to get out and mingle with the students.”

"Outside of job, what are your hobbies?" I questioned. “My hobbies are, I really like to decorate and paint furniture, watch HGTV and dance.”

“Tell us about your family…” “I’m happily married to Troy Robinson. We have four children, Brandon, Blake, Braxton, Brielle and we have a dog named paisley. My mom and dad live in Murfreesboro. I have to sisters, and one grandmother who is one hundred years old.”

“If you could change on thing about Discovery School what would you change?” I asked Dr. Robinson “I like discovery already. I don’t think there is anything to improve

3rd Grade Play and Cluster Night

By: Rett Shaw

December 8th-9th was the 3rd grade How the Penguins Saved Christmas . Here are some comments from students and parents and teachers. Samantha Shaw a 5 year old Kindergartener says, "Well I say that you guys were very cute and great". Bernadette Shaw the mother of Samantha Says, "3rd grade was fantastic such an amazing, and great performance." Some fifth graders said the play was god and they were impressed with their work. I think that we did great preforming in front of about 235 people Because the pressure could have gotten to some kids. And we worked so hard on it.

December 8th was the cluster showcase. There were a lot of different clusters like, animals, cooking, history, and coding by Mrs.Turner. My cluster was Video Game Making. Mrs.Svarda was the teacher. One cluster that I thought was interesting was the cooking cluster because of how they did it just like the food network show called Chopped. Other clusters included art, science, and sports. I thought the cluster night was a great experience.

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3rd grade journalist: Rett Shaw, 6th grade journalist: Sedrie Orantes,

4th grade journalist: Noah Koenig, Photographer: Zane Moore,

5th grade journalist: Anna Robertson, Comic Artist: Grace Woods,

Editor: Ruby Jacobs