Battle of the Somme

Shaylin Lee & Bella

July 1st 1916 - November 18th 1916: Somme, France

The battle of the Somme is one of the bloodiest wars in history, with over a million casualties for an unconclusive battle, it is definitely a war to remember. On July 1st 1916, British soldiers launched thousands of bombs towards the German party. After what they thought was enough time, they climbed out of their trenches in mid daylight, expecting to be able to shoot the few German soldiers left. Little did they know little to none of their bombs actually went off leaving the German party untouched and at a huge advantage. On the first day over 60,000 British soldiers died leaving the 4 months to follow, in a deadly state to be fought. On November 18th 1916, 4 months later, the British Commander in Chief, Douglas Haig, called a halt to his army's offense near the Somme river in northwestern France, ending this bloody battle for good.

How many soldiers fought and died in this battle?

British Force- 3,000,000 fought while 620,000 died (200,000 being french soldiers).

Germans- 1,500,000 fought while 500,000 died.

British Generals

  • Douglas Haig
  • Henry Rawlinson
  • Hubert Gough

French Generals

  • Ferdinand Foch
  • Emile Fayolle
  • Joseph Alfred

German Generals

  • Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria
  • Max von Gallwitz
  • Fritz von Below
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An article from the battle

This was written by John Irvine of the "Daily Express" on July 3rd 1916 - though his report would have been scutinised by the British military and government and he could only have used what information the military gave him.

"A perceptible slackening of our fire soon after seven was the first indication given to us that our gallant soldiers were about to leap from their trenches and advance against the enemy. Non-combatants, of course, were not permitted to witness this spectacle, but I am informed that the vigour and eagerness of the first assault were worthy of the best tradition of the British Army. We had not to wait long for news, and it was wholly satisfactory and encouraging. The message received at ten o'clock ran something like this: "On a front of twenty miles north and south of the Somme, we and our French allies have advanced and taken the German first line of trenches. We are attacking vigourously Fricourt, la Boiselle and Mametz. German prisoners are surrendering freely, and a good many already fallen into our hands."

Technology in the battle

  • Airplanes
  • Poison gas
  • Rapid rife artillery

What goes on at the battle site today?


where to go

  • Somme 1916 Museum in Albert
  • Museum of The Great War
  • Franco- Australian Museum
  • Newfoundland Memorial
  • Gordon Cemetary

where to stay

  • Hotel Pacardia
  • Hotel de le Baie de Somme Le Crotoy
  • Hotel Restaurant du cap Hornu
  • Hotel Mercure

where to eat

  • Hotel Restaurant du Cap Hornu
  • Les Tourellues
  • Logis Hotel le Relais Guillaume de Normandy
  • Hotel & Restaurant Mecure
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Other attractions

  • Amiens Cathedral
  • Chateau de Rambures
  • Musee de Picardie