Zachery Sapeas

3 Way Conference

Old Maths Goal

  • I would like to get a higher score in the basic facts test (100%) and get a higher stanine by ... Practising my multiplication and division and finding the most efficient strategy for the correct equation.

Reflection (old maths goal)

My basic Facts score did increase but not to 100% but we may do another test throughout the year. I think I have definitely improved a lot for finding the most efficient strategy.

New Maths Goal

  • Using my knowledge of multiplication to figure out difficult equations.

Old reading goal

try to get a higher stanine . From Stanine 6-8 by...... Using skimming and scanning to find the most important points in tests and also summarising the books that i read.

Reflection reading

My skill in summarising has definitely risen because of my skill of skimming and scanning.

Reading Goal (new)

to read different genre's of books to build my knowledge of vocabulary.

Writing Goal (old)

Get a higher level by .... using similes,metaphors etc to draw the reader in using more language features.

Writing Reflection

I have really improved in my writing i have frequently used language features.

Writing Goal (new)

i would like to build suspense in my writing by using short sentences and descriptive language.


P.E Goal

Get into first 11 for football and get a higher beep test score by... running in free time,practising football skills,playing at lunch.

P.E Reflection

I did get a higher beep test score (8.4 - 9.4) but i did not get into the football team as i had a ankle injury