January Newsletter

Mrs. Masiello's Class

A Look Back

December was beyond exciting in room 111. A few of the highlights were our elf on the shelf and our holiday craft fair. They had a blast searching the school for my missing gingerbread cookie!!!! The students were proud of presenting their Holiday Hero gift bags to our local fire and police. I hope your holiday was memorable and magical.

A Look Ahead

Happy New Year! The holidays have come and gone and the new year has begun. Thank you for making last month beyond amazing. Without your donations, we would have never done all the crafts and activities. Hopefully I helped create some lasting memories.

The madness is now over! time to get back to work. We will be starting our 3rd reading book . We are reading informatives and narratives. We will continue learning phonics, reading for fluency and listening comprehension. We will also be discussing story elements of character, setting, problem and solution. Children will be retelling the stories as well. I will be introducing topic and closing sentences to their writing. In math we will practice math facts 0-10 mixed addition and subtraction for fluency. I encourage you all to set timer for 3 minutes and have them practice these facts. We are working on identifying and working with numbers 0-120. Please have the count by 10's, 5's and 2's at home. Our social study unit this month will be TIMELINES. They will be going home with a home project. The weather has been mild, but as we move into winter we could have some indoor recess days. The children are allowed to bring in a toy from home as long it can be shared. Please no electronics. Toys are not allowed outside as we encourage socializing and exercise. I am reluctant to type this, but IF we get snow, kids can bring in snow clothes and boots. Please label everything. Skills and expectations are increasing, please take the time to review and support your child with homework each evening. Wishing all a happy, healthy 2016.

Wish List

glue sticks

Need of new crayons