5th Grade ISL Qatar Update

Week of February 9th-13th

Celebration of Learning

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 1-2pm

International School of London, ISL Qatar, Doha, Qatar


Join the 5th grade students as we celebrate our most recent learning. You can come see what we have been producing in each respective 5th grade classroom.

Field Trip - Shakespeare for Kidz

Sunday, Feb. 16th, 7:30-11:30am

Al Rayaan Theatre, near the Souq Waqif

We will be seeing the Shakespeare play entitled Macbeth. This is a great opportunity for students to begin tuning in to our next unit on how we express our cultural heritage through the performing arts. If you know of other opportunities for our students to participate or see various performing arts events, please let us know.


Unit of Inquiry

This week we began working on creating and designing our structures for the summative assessment. Once the students are finished designing their structure of choice, they have the option of constructing it in class providing they bring the necessary materials to build it from home. In conjunction with this, we have been continuing our research on a tool or material used in construction. Many of the students have found it challenging to create visual presentations that are to scale. They have been using various measurement tools to find out just how high is 5 meters, for example. They are then working to represent that on paper. As the structures are taking shape we are amazed at the designs forming.


This week we continued with our explanation writing. The final draft should be ready this coming week. Students have begun to compile their research, create bibliographies and write our their explanations.


This week in Maths we looked at finding the area and perimeter of shapes. We also looked at how to find the mean of a data set.

Please continue to encourage you child to use Mathletics and also practise times tables and division facts regularly.

Important Reminders

P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday. Students should always remember their hats and a change of clothes on these days. They are also encouraged to bring and use non-aerosol deodorant.

We are your 5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Musa: smusa@islqatar.org

Ms. Creed: jcreed@islqatar.org

Miss Brooks: tbrooks@islqatar.org

As always, we are happy to answer any question you may have. Please feel free to email us any time.

Summative and Formative Assessment Information

Information given to students (For full details see Unit of Inquiry Notebooks)

Summative Assessment

Using your knowledge and understanding of design, materials and structure, your task is to design a structure.

The criteria are as follows:

· The building materials you choose need to be identified.

· You must explain why you have chosen the materials you have.

​Must include a drawing from at least 2 perspectives, but may include a model to be constructed at school.

Formative Assessment

Choose a machine or tool used in construction and explain how it works.

Ex: crane


Choose a material used in construction and explain how it’s made, used and/or works.

Ex: bricks


This week we welcomed Keshav Singh to 5C. Keshav has joined us from South Africa.