Golfing project

By Lacey and Rachel

Our function

f(t)= -16t^2 +100t

graph of our function

Independent and dependent variables

independent- time(t)

dependent- hight(h)

Domain and range

Domain- all real numbers

Range- Maximum

How long is the golf ball in the air?

6.25 seconds

Maximum hight of the ball


How long after it is hit does the ball reach maximum hight

3.125 seconds

What is the height of the ball at 3.5 seconds? Is there another time at which the ball is the same hight? If so when

154, yes it is also the same hight at 2.75

aproximently what time is the ball 65 feet in the air?

.736 seconds

Tweety Bird

They will be at the same height a 6 seconds and the hight will be 24 feet

Gloria and Earl

Glorias will hit the ground first. Her ball will go 100 feet at 2.5 seconds

Number 11

a:The slope, or the amount of distance the ball covers per second> effects the maximum and the roots

b: the function would be y=-16x^2 + 120x

c: Graph the new relationship between height and time. Make sure to label the graph and to graph the original function as well as the new function in the given graph.

d. What would be a reasonable domain and range of this new function?