February Math Newsletter

What We're Learning This Month!

This month we are heading into understanding the relationship between multiplication and division. We will be doing a lot of work with representing multiplication and division when presented in problem-solving scenarios, primarily word problems. There is a big emphasis on solving multi-step problems, as well as using the properties of multiplication to help us solve these problems. In addition, we will also be working on finding the unknown in multiplication and division problems.

PLEASE continue to practice math facts!! These build a strong foundation and make problem solving so much easier!

Skip counting and fact practice/memorization are two great ways to memorize multiplication math facts. You don't have to use XtraMath.org - you can also use flashcards, worksheets, and any other websites as long as your student is practicing!!!

Standards & Videos

Click on the standard to see a video!

3.MD.A.2: Estimate mass and volume of objects in g/Kg and mL/L. Solve word problems involving measurement.

3.OA.A.1: Find the product of whole numbers.

3.OA.A.3: Use multiplication and division to solve word problems.

3.OA.A.4: Determine the unknown number in multiplication and division sentences.

3.OA.B.5: Apply the properties of multiplication (identity, associative, distributive, zero)

3.OA.D.8: Solve two-step word problems.

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