1P Newsletter

Term 2

Week 5

This week:

  • Monday - our next coding lesson, no PBL lesson, the whole school assembly in the library from 2 pm

  • Tuesday - scripture/ethics, no sport until Tuesday 31 May, when we will be learning basketball skills

  • Wednesday - buddy class activity

  • Thursday - library

  • Friday - sport, homework to be returned

In maths the children will be revising the concept that division is sharing to make equal groups of numbers and that a half is one part of two equal parts. In writing we will be continuing to self-assess and peer-assess in order to 'bump up' to the next cluster. Topic talks will be evaluated to see how they can be improved before the Stage 1 'talk off'. The topic for this week is a free choice but the talk has to persuade that something is better than something else, e.g. dogs are better than cats or lego is more fun than an iPad. The talk has to have an introduction, the arguments for and a conclusion.

Last week:

Our class choir is improving every week, thanks to the efforts of Heather.

To demonstrate their understanding of division the children were asked to draw a picture and explain the related fact. Ruby's was great!

Regards, Kerrie

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