Cairo, Egypt

36 Hours Research

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Located on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo is Africa's largest city, as well as the largest city in the Arab world. In the course of its thousand-year history it has been the capital of the great Egyptian dynasties of the Middle Ages, a British colonial enclave, and a modern industrialized city. Today it is a teeming, vibrant national capital with one of the world's highest population densities per square mile. Even as the city struggles with the social and environmental effects of overcrowding, it dominates Egypt politically, economically, and culturally and remains a prime tourist destination in spite of a campaign of terrorist activity by Islamic extremists seeking to destabilize the country's government.


Friday-(8:00) Go eat a quick breakfast at Bubblicious. We should go eat at Bubblicious because it is a really popular place and has good review.

Friday-(8:45) Head out and go to the Keops Pyramids. The keops pyramids were built in 2589 B.C.

Friday-(12:30) Go eat lunch and sleep the rest of the day at a luxurious restaurant in Cairo called The Moghul Room.We should go here because it claims to be the best food in Cairo.


Saturday-(2:00) We would go to the Cairo Tower and get a tour at 614 ft. This is cool because you don’t get to climb a 614 ft tower everyday.

Saturday-(4:30) We would go back to our hotel called the Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis and sleep for a while.

Saturday-(8:00) Go out to eat at the Fish Market.


Sunday (9:00) Start the day off by eating breakfast at a restaurant called Abou Tarek. We should go there because it is a healthy place, but the food tastes really good from the reviews.

Sunday (12:00) Go to a sacred church in Cairo called the Hanging Church because it is unique in its own ways .

Sunday (3:00) Go to the Cave Church which is a strange sight because it is unexplained how it got there and what it means.

Sunday (6:00) Walk through the Gizeh Plateau because it is a really cool sight.

If You Go...

.Egyptian Museum

.Gezira Island

.Mosque of Muhammad Ali

.Al-Azhar Park

.Babylon Fortress

.Zooba Restaurant

.Coptic Museum

.Mosque of Ibn Tulun

.Khan- el-Khalili

.Bab Zuweila