Guglielmo Marconi

A Brief History of Electricity

Biography -

Born - April 25, 1874

Died - July 20, 1937

Where he lived and worker - Bologna, Italy

Profession - Italian Inventor and Electrical Engineer

Guglielmo had a total of five children in his lfe span, and two wives.

As a boy, he took great interest in physical and electrical science.

Discoveries -

Guglielmo discovered wireless connections and signals. He began labratory experiments at his father's house in 1895. This is where he came about his discovery. Here, he succeeded in sending wireless signals over a total distance of one and a half miles. Guglielmo developed, demonstrated, and marketed the first successful long-distance wireless telegraph in 1901. He later patented multiple different inventions throughout his life.

Impact -

Marconi is known as the father of wireless technology. Through his many experiments and inventions, he changed how our entire world communicates, both then and now. He had so much of an impact on our world that when he died, wireless stations around the world closed down for two minutes as a tribute to their "founding father".

Other Accomplishments -

  • Opening the first microwave radio-telephone link in 1932
  • Creating a microwave radio beacon for ship navigation in 1935
  • Demonstrated the principles of radar
  • Receiving numerous honorary degrees, awards, and doctorates
  • Installing radio equipment on Queen Victoria's Royal Yacht