Welcome to Word Processing!

Course Information

My name is Caryl and I will be your instructor during this three-week course.

Many of my students ask, "Why do I have to take this course, and what is in it for me?" My purpose is to show you how to create letters, documents, or other printed materials that many current businesses will expect you as an employee to create.

What to do first?

Please begin to thoroughly read all topics under Start Here; this information is very important to an online classroom. There you will find the Syllabus and Assignment Summary, which provides detailed information of the course requirements.

Next Steps....

  1. Review the weekly assignments which are detailed under the Seminars link and make sure you write them down on a calendar.
  2. Be prepared on the First Day of Class with the textbook “GO! with Microsoft Word 2013 Brief”
  3. Make sure you get your Access Code that comes with your text, which must be purchased from the Baker College Online Bookstore.

If you have issues with My It Lab, contact Pearson support: 1-844-292-7016.

Please contact me if you have any questions! Let's have a great three weeks!